Titleholder Interview: Abbey Naumowicz


Who is Abbey Naumowicz?

Currently Miss New York State Fair 2016

Formerly SCR Miss Electric City 2015, Miss Altamont Fair 2014


PageantFile Content: Bio

Fundraising: Miss America for Kids


Why did you begin competing in pageants? What do you hope to gain, other than a title?

I began competing in pageants honestly because a friend made me. I used to be Sandra Bullock in Miss Congeniality, and thought pageants were a waste of time, made for tall blonde tan Barbie girls to go on talking about world peace and parading in bikinis… but once I got up there myself, I was blown away by how wrong I was. Pageants are such an empowering outlet for women to establish who they are and what they want to represent, and require so much hard work and dedication. I am so happy that I was wrong about pageantry, and I hope to continue to learn more about myself, and the amazing things I can accomplish through this organization, along with extending the reach of my platform to become a positive role model to girls across the entire country.

Why is your platform unique?

My platform Just The Way You Are is all about promoting positive self image and establishing a firm backing of confidence in yourself. Many times my platform has been questioned and i’ve been asked if I am advocating for unhealthy lifestyles and obesity because my platform is about loving yourself the way that you are. In actuality, my platform is about embracing yourself for who you are, internally and externally. In general, I have a stockier build than some of my friends involved in pageantry, and no matter how many hours I spent in the gym, I would never look like the girls I am friends with. My platform is meant to teach that as long as you are treating yourself right and taking care of your body, it doesn’t matter whether you are a size 2 or 22, you are beautiful Just The Way You Are.

4 NYS FairWhat do you believe to be the advantages and disadvantages of taking an at large title to Miss NY?

I believe that an advantage of an at-large title is that it gives more girls the chance for this amazing once in a lifetime opportunity to compete on the Miss New York stage. It is also an amazing opportunity for girls who are just starting out in pageantry to work with a mentor to develop their platforms and skills. I thoroughly enjoyed the official locals that I have competed in, but I am so honored to have received the title of Miss New York State Fair, because it ties in closely with my personal values and my life. I am very proud to have the opportunity to represent both the fair and my platform at Miss New York.

I have heard from others that some contestants treat the Fair/Festival title girls like they aren’t worthy of being there on that stage. It breaks my heart to hear that within a sisterhood there are rifts like this, but there will be anywhere. It is only a disadvantage if you let it get to you. I choose to take my opportunity and embrace it wholeheartedly, and I hope that the other at-large competitors choose to do the same, and do not get pulled in to the thoughts that they do not deserve to be there, because they do!

What appearance or service event would you like to do most before the end of your reign?

Something that I would really like to do before the end of my reign is host a Love Your Body fashion show, where girls of all shapes and sizes are invited to come be a runway superstar. Many girls aspire of having their shining star moment, but never experience it. I want girls of all types to be able to feel like they are a superstar, and beautiful just the way they are.

Which is your favorite phase of competition?

My favorite phase of competition would have to be talent. It has always been so exciting to me to be able to get out on a stage and perform, and I was pretty upset when I graduated high school and struggled to find performance opportunities. Once I got involved in pageantry and was able to get out on a stage and perform again, I never felt better. It feels so great to pick a song you feel such a passion for and be able to share that with a crowd.

11875117_1386961701602312_526292486281822840_oHow do you prepare for pageant?

I prepare for a pageant by making a list of everything that I would like to accomplish before the pageant comes, which really helps me keep focused and not have anxiety about what is ahead. I set aside time to practice my walks and my talent, up my workout routine, and keep up on current events with interview practice with friends and family.

What advice do you have for a girl who thinks she can’t compete in pageants?

I would tell any girl who doesn’t think she can compete in pageants that I felt the same way. I was bombarded by the idea that you had to look a certain way to be accepted into this community, but the Miss America Organization is not like the pageant shows you see on tv or movies. I am able to be 100% myself and wear pepperoni pizza onesie pajamas to rehearsal and not worry that people won’t accept me. My best advice is if you think you can’t, chances are you actually can, and if you try it you will be amazed by what lies ahead for you.

Describe your recent Miss America experiences. 

I remember watching both Nina and Kira win Miss America from my couch at home, with my mom, wearing crowns and cheering at the top of our lungs. It was so exciting to have such amazing women from New York representing our entire country. Although it was disappointing not having our lovely Jamie make the top 15 this year, I am still so proud of the hard work that she did to get there, and for Allie too, but I am very happy for Betty for the amazing year ahead of her!

What do you plan to do with your experiences after you age out of MAO?

I plan to continue competing in other pageant systems, to help keep my speaking skills and volunteer/platform work strong. Pageantry has helped me take giant leaps in my profession, and has helped me become more comfortable with my work, and it is something that I would never give up for anything.




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