Miss Staten Island Preview

This upcoming weekend is the Miss Staten Island’s 50th Anniversary dual crown pageant!  Twenty beautiful young ladies between the ages of 13 and 24 will compete for two Miss and two Teen titles, and advance to their respective state pageant. The one lucky lady who wins the title of Miss Staten Island will receive a commemorative 50th Anniversary banner, just as Miss Thousand Islands 2015 did.

This year the eligibilities were extended to offer more opportunities to contestants who are not able to complete in more pageants. Each of the titles have a different regional eligibility, and come with a different set of responsibilities.  The contestant list is made up of three first time competitors, three former titleholders, and two 2016 runner ups (three if you count Lauren twice). The skill levels are diverse, the talents are diverse, and there is no clear “front runner”. It goes without saying that whoever is crowned will go on to make the state proud as representatives of the greater Syracuse region.


  1. Madison O’Hara
    • Age: 22
  2. Alexa Moley
    • Age: 18
    • Miss Southern New York’s OT 2013, Miss Staten Island’s OT 2014
  3. Allison DeLuca
    • Age: 22
  4. Rose Bolella
    • Age: 22
  5. Ashley Davis
    • Miss Five Boroughs 2015, Top 10
    • Miss Staten Island’s OT 2013, Top 6
  6. Nicole Doz
    • Age: 22
    • 1st Runner Up at Miss Staten Island 2015
  7. Cassie Paradise
    • Age: 20
    • 2nd Runner Up at Miss Staten Island 2015
    • Miss Southern Tier 2015
  8. Joelle Bracco
  9. Heather Wolf



Top: It would be easy to assume Ashley Davis and Cassie Paradise will take the crowns and Nicole Doz will make the Top 5, based only by their past.  But last year two first-timers took the crowns. It’s impossible to know who is going to win, especially with so many first timers, without knowing exactly what the judges are looking for and how the girls will perform. Strong girls have bad days, new girls can shine, and seasoned veterans are constantly improving. No matter which girls walk away as the newest members of the Miss New York Class of 2016, it’s because they put their heart on the stage and earned it.


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