Miss Copper City Preview and Predictions


This weekend is the first Miss Copper City pageant. There are 7 beautiful ladies vying for these crowns, and entry to the 2016 Miss New York competition. The pageant will be held in Rome, which is also knowns as the Copper City as a result of its history as an extensive manufacturing of copper to all of the United States. Even though the title is tied to a local community, the pageant is open statewide to any girls who are willing to represent the title. This is mind, there are contestants who live close to the region, and others who live quite far, so it would make a nice OSQ, “How will you represent The Copper City as Miss Copper City.”


Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 10.55.02 PM

1. Amanda Abdagic, Miss Mohawk Valley 2013; 1st Runner Up at Miss Syracuse 2016
2. Lauren Crandall, Miss Mohawk Valley 2014; Miss Upstate New York 2015 
3. Alexandra Harvey-Sprague, Former Miss Forest Queen; 3rd Runner Up at Miss Finger Lakes 2016
4. Emma Silenrunner up at Miss Pride of New York and Miss Flower City; Miss NYS Fair 2015 
5. Emily Drooby, First MAO pageant; Top 20 at Miss New York Teen USA, model and host
6. Ashley Davis, Miss Staten Island’s OT 2013, Top 6; Miss Five Boroughs 2015, Top 10. 
7. Laura Lucas, First MAO pageant


Pageants are so difficult to predict. Despite my research, I know very little about the first time contestants. The girls who are models have an entirely different approach to pageantry, and may surprise us. Since the pageant is statewide open, there are girls who live 4+ hours away from the Rome/Syracuse region. This may prove difficult to represent the region unless they give commitment. A girl from far away might have to spin the title and represent it in her hometown. Hometown may impact ranking after the scores have been tabulated. If a girl from a further region scores high, she may rank lower than a local girl who impacted the judges more directly in interview.

My “Top 5”:
We can expect good things from Ashley, Lauren, and Emma.
Don’t be shocked if Emily, or Amanda walk away with a crown.
Fringe: Alexandra

Who do you think will be the first Miss Copper City? Who will join her on the podium? Sound off in the comments below.


**Updated 2/17/2016 to reflect contestant changes.**


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