2016 Local Miss New York Pageant Sparkler Awards

Voted Categories:

  • Best Local Venue: Miss Thousand Islands Org
  • Best Local Website: Miss Mohawk Valley Org
  • Most Community Support: Miss Fulton County Org
  • Best Overall Production: Miss Fulton County Org
  • Director of the Year: Sue Pilon and Shelby Cohen, Thousand Islands
  • Newcomer ED – Maxine Glasser, Miss Mohawk Valley Org
  • Volunteer of the Year – Jane Eikov, Miss Finger Lakes Org
    • Runner Up: Morgan Bocciolatt, Miss Thousand Islands Org

Determined Categories:

Best Social Media – Based on number of “likes”/group members, frequency of posts, followers, and interactions (likes/comments/shares)

  1. Miss Flower City (950 Followers)
  2. Miss Mohawk Valley (622 Followers)
  3. Miss Fulton County (524 Followers)

Best Recruitment – Based on the total number of contestants and percentage of first timers.

  1. Thousand Islands 12 Contestants (5 First Timers) 42% FT
  2. Buffalo 15 Contestants (6 First Timers) 40% FT
  3. Syracuse 11 Contestants (3 First Timers) 27% FT

Best Princess Program – Based on the local’s Princess Program selection process leading up to the local pageant, and community service involvement with titleholders following the pageant.

  1. Syracuse: Princesses and Pre-teens are chosen based on an essay, and participate in all Community Service Events.
  2. Pride of New York: Princesses attend appearances with their Miss titleholders, as well as their own events
  3. Staten Island: All Miss and Teen contestants recruit Princesses to participate in the local pageant.

Best Outstanding Teen Program – Based on the local’s Outstanding Program selection process, their success at Miss New York’s Outstanding Teen, and their community service before and following the pageant.

  1. Miss Finger Lakes: Teens compete in a pageant to receive titles. For the 2nd consecutive year, Outstanding Teen won the New York State title.  
  2. Miss Syracuse: Teens are appointed based on a community service essay. Two of the four Outstanding Teens made Finals this year, plus additional awards.
  3. Miss Thousand Islands: Teens compete in a competition to receive titles. Both Outstanding Teens made Top 10 this year.

Milestone – Staten Island (50th Anniversary)


Volunteer Recognition:

The Volunteer of the Year Award was selected based on the number of nominations a volunteer received, not the content of the nominations. However, contest participants were encouraged to leave notes explaining their choice, and the following is some of the kind words shared about a handful of nominees.

Jane Eikov She has supported all of the contestants in everything we’ve done, and constantly checks up on us to make sure everything is going smoothly! She has countless years of selfless service to one of the longest running and most successful locals (for both teen and miss) in the MNY organization. She has helped support the ED, Chris, especially while he has faced health problems. She has a heart of gold and truly embodies the spirit of volunteers.
Shelby Cohen Not only helps her titleholders, but also always lends a helping hand to other titleholders. Shows support for other local pageants whether it be going to their pageants or wishing them luck on pageant day. She dedicates countless hours to her pageant here in the Thousand Islands. It is her life and her passion even though she must travel 3 hours one way to help her contestants, volunteers and fellow board members. Shelby has been a positive role model in the lives of each of her “golden sisters”, teaching them values and ideals that will help each young woman reach her highest potential.
Morgan Bocciolatt goes to as many locals and events as possible. She is also extremely involved in the Miss TI Org, attending weekly meetings, helping prep contestants, and setting up opportunities to promote their platforms.
Art Hunsinger because he is always willing to help out, whether it be assisting the Judges Chair, encouraging the contestants or sweeping the stage. I don’t think that Art is recognized for all that he does.


The 2015 Local Miss New York Pageant Sparkler Awards are sponsored entirely by ThePageantFile, and are not affiliated with the Miss New York or Miss America Organizations. The voted results are based solely on the opinions of those who participated, and do not reflect the opinions the Miss New York, Miss America, local Organizations, or ThePageantFile.


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