2017 Local Miss New York Pageant Sparkler Awards

Voted Categories:

  • Best Local Venue: Miss Buffalo Org
  • Best Local Website: Miss Greater NYC Org
  • Most Community Support: Miss Fulton County Org
  • Best Overall Production: Miss Thousand Islands Org
  • Director of the Year: Jessica Fielding and Jen Bacon Wojeski, Fulton County
  • Newcomer ED – Leslie Stackel, Miss Adirondack Org
  • Volunteer of the Year – Kathy Lettiere, community volunteer/sponsor
    • Runner Up: Kristina Ferraro Eberle, Miss Staten Island Org

Determined Categories:

Best Social Media – Based on number of “likes”/group members, frequency of posts, followers, and interactions (likes/comments/shares)

  1. Miss Fulton County (745 Followers; a 43% increase from last year!)
  2. Miss Thousand Islands (349 Followers; a 33% increase from 2015!)
  3. Miss Queens (377 FB Followers, 518 IG Followers)

Volunteer Recognition:

The Volunteer of the Year Award was selected based on the number of nominations a volunteer received, not the content of the nominations. However, contest participants were encouraged to leave notes explaining their choice, and the following is some of the kind words shared about a handful of nominees.

Kristina Ferraro Eberle is not only the producer and choreographer of the pageant, but she also puts in countless hours to make sure that every girl looks their best and is as prepared as they can be! She is always supportive of every girl who is competing and who has competed in the past. She generously donates her studio for pageant rehearsals, interview prep, and more. She even allows for all competitors and her titleholders to attend her workout classes and offers training for free so that they have the opportunity to prepare for lifestyle and fitness without worrying about cost. She truly embodies what it means to be a dedicated volunteer to this organization!
Shelby Cohen tirelessly dedicates her time, effort, and money into her girls. She also encourages a life long sisterhood not only amongst Miss TI girls, but the whole state and Miss America Org. as a whole.


The 2017 Local Miss New York Pageant Sparkler Awards are sponsored entirely by ThePageantFile, and are not affiliated with the Miss New York or Miss America Organizations. The voted results are based solely on the opinions of those who participated, and do not reflect the opinions the Miss New York, Miss America, local Organizations, or ThePageantFile.


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