2022 NY Local Runners Up

The Pageant File’s original vision was always to highlight ladies who didn’t advance to Miss America. After all, there is only one Miss America! Local titleholders are the heart of the Organization, and we rely on you to keep the heart beating. These lovely ladies competed for a local title and may not have walked away with the crown, but are still making an impact in their respective communities.

This list will be updated as more information is released.

Adirondack/Thousand Islands


1st Runner Up: Gayle Petri*

Finger Lakes/Upstate New York

1st Runner Up: Vittoria Wakefield

Five Boroughs/City of New York/Broadway

1st Runner Up:

Fulton County/Montgomery County

1st Runner Up:

2nd Runner Up:

3rd Runner Up:

Greater New York/Gotham

1st Runner Up:


1st Runner Up:

Staten Island/Richmond County

1st Runner Up:

Syracuse/Central New York

1st Runner Up:

*Asterisk indicates runner up went on to win a subsequent title


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