Top 3 Tips for Finding Sponsors

As a pageant newbie I was told the easiest way to keep things affordable was to find sponsors. If you’re like me and live in an area where pageants aren’t popular, that can be difficult. Last year I went to my first national pageant and I paid for over half of it with sponsors.

I’m sharing my top 3 tips for how to find and cultivate sponsors.

  1. Connect with local businesses that you frequently support
  • I purchased custom bath bombs for every girl in my division at nationals. Later that year, I contacted that business to sponsor the upcoming state pageant. Since I had supported them, they saw the mutual benefit and now we have an ongoing partnership.
  1. Talk to your family/friends
  • After you are crowned, people will start asking how they can support you. This is a great time to mention you’re searching for sponsors! I’ve had former sister queens sponsor my earrings for formalwear, that I’ve then used for other events after! Even $5 from Grandma will help with your overall goal.
  1. Look into Fundraisers
  • Try out a few different fundraisers and see what works best for your audience.y best fundraiser last year was when I partnered with a Thirty-One consultant. Similarly, last February I made smash chocolate hearts and that helped cover my entire opening number dress fee. Food and product works best as people feel they benefit from it more.

Have you tried any of these methods before? Or do you have a better one? Let’s hear about it! Stay tuned for my top three fundraiser ideas! 

About the Author

Lexy Hearn is Miss New York Ambassador Princess of America 2023. She previously held the title of Miss New York Princess of America, where she received the awards of Overall Senior Division state costume, Overall Miss Division state costume, 4th Runner Up triple threat, Top Model, and Top Ten Ambassador. Lexy advocates for breaking the stigmas around grief and substance abuse disorders. She supports mutual aid efforts for rehabilitating the unhoused in Rochester and across New York State.

Connect with Lexy:

Instagram: @Alexandria.Pageants / @POA_MissNewYorkAmbassador

Tiktok: @AlexandriaHearn


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