Miss New York Class of 2023

Looking for Local Legacies? Tap the name for a list of previous of titleholders.

Miss Adirondack: Scarlett DeWitt

Miss Binghamton: Daijah Paige

Miss Buffalo: Chelsea Lovell

Miss Central New York: Jordan Sanchez

Miss Empire: Tiffani Singleton

Miss Finger Lakes: Caitlyn McTier

Miss Five Boroughs: Abby Quammen

Miss Flower City: Serena Exantus

Miss Fonda Fair: Lillian Lighthall

Miss Fulton County: Julia Robare

Miss Greater New York: Whitney Wilson

Miss Heart of New York: Emily Mahana

Miss Hudson Valley: Vittoria Wakefield

Miss Liberty: Megan Stier

Miss Manhattan: Amelia Collins

Miss Niagara: Zhanna Reed

Miss Queens: Tara Nash

Miss Richmond County: Madison Gattullo

Miss Staten Island: Meera Mathew

Miss Syracuse: Gayle Petri

Miss Thousand Islands: Cydnie Clark

Miss Upstate New York: Kennedy Campbell

Miss Western New York: CJ McDermott


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