Miss New York Class of 1964

Miss Adirondacks: Jean Hayden

Miss Buffalo: Gladys Knapp

Miss Batavia: Shirley Mott’s

Miss Cheektowaga: Ruth Bast

Miss Chemung: Mary Klimovsky

Miss Dunkirk Fredonia: Nancy Kinney

Miss Geneseo: Marilyn Schepper

Miss Jamestown: Marcia Bowerman

Miss Ken-Ton: Karen Nareau

Miss Lewis County: Cheryl Kaskela

Miss Manhattan: Renne Gail Jarrett

Miss Mount Vernon: Janet Grabau

Miss Oneonta: Judith Brown

Miss Queens: Ethel Thomas

Miss Saugerties: Eugenia Markovaky

Miss Seneca Falls: Christina Casey

Miss Southern Erie: Alexandra Swintkowski

Miss Southern Tier: Mary Alice Ward

Miss Syracuse: Gretchen Walker Ehle

Miss Taughkannock Falls: Julie Just (Miss New York)

Miss Tri County: Cheryl Rudy


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