Miss New York Class of 1982

  • Buffalo: Patricia Latini (3rd RU)
  • Dutchess County: Laine Fitzgerald
  • Erie County East: Caroline Flury (Swim Prelim/2nd RU)
  • Fulton County: Concetta Lomanto (Top 10 Finalist)
  • Lewis County: Lisa Fields
  • Manhattan: Joan Vento (1st RU)
  • Oneida County: Lisa Allen
  • Oswego County: Kim Winters (4th runner up)
  • Saratoga County: Karen Reynolds (Top 10 Finalist)
  • Southern Erie: Colby Beardsley
  • Staten Island: Kimberly Osgood
  • Syracuse: Eileen Clark (Talent Prelim/Miss New York)
  • Thousand Islands: Mary Ellen Wassberg (Talent Prelim/ Top 10 Finalist)
  • Ulster County: Barbara Marrott (Swimsuit Prelim/Top 10 Finalist)
  • Westchester County: Carol Tarantino (Top 10 Finalist)

Ellen Clark was a Syracuse University student from Grand Forks North Dakota. She won the Non Finalist Talent at Miss America with her vocal rendition of Glitter and Be Gay from the Opera Candide.

Mary Ellen Wassberg won a Talent prelim while playing the flute. She forgot her music during finals and left the stage without finishing.


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