The PageantFile is ever upward in pageantry, and aims to put the spotlight on every New York local contestant, every New York local titleholder, and Miss New York herself, in their pursuit of the crown and the responsibility that come with that crown. There is only one Miss New York, and only one Miss America, but every girl is making a difference in the community, and deserves the chance to shine.

Those who aren’t familiar with the Miss America system can learn about a typical competition by reading a speech written for a public speaking class entitled Crowns & Gowns; It’s Pageant Night.

The PageantFile is an independent pageant resource not affiliated with Miss New York or Miss America. All opinions within the blog are that of their respective author, not be the opinion of other authors, nor does it reflect the opinion of Miss New York or Miss America.  The goal of The PageantFile is to lift contestants and local titleholders up, and no criticism will ever intend on tearing someone down.