Miss Empire Rose Review & Preview 2016

Local Competitions

This weekend is the 18th annual Miss Empire Rose pageant, and 11 beautiful ladies will be competing for two crown. Both of the winners and the three teens will continue on and compete at the 2015 Miss New York and Miss New York’s Outstanding Teen competitions.

The Miss Empire Rose Pageant is one of the longer running pageants in the state, with an extensive legacy, a former Miss New York winner, and a handful of Top 5 and Top 10 placements. The Miss Empire Rose title started as a limited title for the Capital Region, but later the Empire Star title was added, which is statewide open. The pageant was started by director Janet Murphy to honor her mother, and is always a special weekend for her and she goes out of her way to make sure every contestant feels loved.

Miss Buffalo 2016

Local Competitions


This weekend marked the start 2nd annual Miss Buffalo Scholarship Competition under the new direction of Michael Terragnoli and Michael La Rocca. This local has one of  the longest running history in the Miss New York pageant with many titleholders competing in Miss America and Miss New York (See the history HERE). The pressure was on for the women competing at the Buffalo State College Performing Arts Center Sunday February 28th.

Excerpt taken from Miss Buffalo MAO review by Sarah Soltish. Read more about her personal experience on her blog.