Miss Buffalo Review, Preview, and Predictions 2016

Local Competitions

This weekend is the second annual Miss Buffalo pageant under the current director. The team has grown significantly since last year, and has great talent behind the scenes to make sure the Miss Buffalo pageant is a success. There are 17 ladies from Western New York competing for the coveted crown and chance to continue to the Miss New York pageant in May.

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The Miss Buffalo pageant is one of the longest running (non-consecutive, with gaps and different directors) pageants in the country, with an extensive legacy and a handful of strong titleholders making a splash at Miss New York each year. Many Miss Buffalo titleholders have gone on to represent Buffalo at Miss America and others have captured the Miss New York crown. It is also one of the largest providers of scholarships in the local circuit, awarding $4,000 to the winner and more to the runners up. The Miss Buffalo title is a limited title, open to girls in Western New York only, with hopes of encouraging a stronger sense of pride towards their titleholder in the community.

Titleholder Interview: Ashley Davis

Titleholder Interviews

12645268_219753198370101_1978265997069493566_nName: Ashley Marie Davis


  • Miss Copper City 2016; Top Talent & Swimsuit
  • Miss Five Boroughs 2015; Top 10 Miss New York & State Community Service Award Winner
  • Miss Staten Island Outstanding Teen 2013; 2nd Runner Up Miss New York OT 2013

Platform: Memories Matter: Alzheimer’s Disease Awareness & Support

Talent: Contemporary Dance

School: Marymount Manhattan College
Major: Psychology
Minor: Business Management

The PageantFile: Bio | Miss New York 2015 | Miss Copper City |


Miss Copper City 2016

Local Competitions


The first ever Miss Copper City pageant was held last weekend at the Rome campus of Mohawk Valley Community College. Seven contestants came out to compete for the inaugural Miss Copper City title, and the opportunity to represent the area both in Rome and across the state. The winner will take the title to Miss New York on Staten Island, to be held during Memorial Day weekend.  

The 5 Best Tips to “D-Stress” Yourself Before Pageant Interview

Pageant Prep

Stressed before your interview? Don’t be! Follow these 5 Tips to “D-Stress” before your Pageant Interview.

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Our Miss New York 2010: Claire Buffie

  1. Breathe: Take in slow, long (Not shallow!) breaths through your nose, hold for 5 seconds and out your mouth to allow oxygen to your brain to clear your mind. Remember to hold the air with your diaphragm, not your throat, this slows down your racing heart rate and decompresses your body.
  2. Stretch or run in place- exercise releases endorphin which greatly diminish your perception of pain and not only boosts your overall mood but (referring back to tip 1) allows more oxygen into your bloodstream and can balance out all the adrenaline and anxiety running through you pre-pageant! A good stretch for pageant girls is shoulder rolls. We tense up when we’re nervous, so rolling your shoulders back a couple times can release that tensions and shift them back instead of forwards.
  3. Review your paperwork but don’t over analyze it- Looking over your paperwork and refreshing what’s on your fact-sheet will give you a good frame of mind what will be asked and your answers will be fresh if you forget!
  4. Listen to music or practice your talent- Put on your favorite song and jam out! Make the most of the free-time you have or listen to tunes while doing your makeup or hair so you’re in a good head-space and feel at home!
  5. Have fun!- You’ve probably heard it 1,000 times before a pageant but having fun helps you deal with the stress. If you’re extrovert, socialize! Talk to everyone and make friends! If you’re introverted (like me) give yourself the alone time and space from others you need as well as slightly socialize (Pageant girls will be the best friends you’ll ever make!). If you’ve ever competed with me you’ll see I’m in my “own little world” most of the time, I’m finding my balance between happy energy and nervous energy and that’s okay! Do you!

And most of all, focus on yourself! You know yourself best, and whatever will make you happy and comfortable during the pageant is perfectly fine: get some fresh air, take a deep breath, stay warm and relax. Take some time to read-over your paperwork and practice but don’t get overwhelmed. Just “D-stress” and everything will fall into place.

Miss Copper City Preview and Predictions

Local Competitions


This weekend is the first Miss Copper City pageant. There are 7 beautiful ladies vying for these crowns, and entry to the 2016 Miss New York competition. The pageant will be held in Rome, which is also knowns as the Copper City as a result of its history as an extensive manufacturing of copper to all of the United States. Even though the title is tied to a local community, the pageant is open statewide to any girls who are willing to represent the title. This is mind, there are contestants who live close to the region, and others who live quite far, so it would make a nice OSQ, “How will you represent The Copper City as Miss Copper City.”