Miss Fonda Fair 2015

Community Pageantry

The Fonda Fair recently hosted its 30th Miss Fonda Fair pageant on opening night to choose ambassadors of the fair for the week and year. Contestants first compete in a private interview with the judges. That evening they return to the stage for two separate pageants. First, the two younger categories compete in Sunday’s Best beauty and an on-stage speech, the scores are tabulated and the Princesses are crowned. Then the two older categories return and do the same- evening gown and on-stage speech. These speeches tell the judges about the contestants and how they plan on improving the community if they win. It is very similar to a verbal platform statement.

Some of the judges were even former queens- Miss Fonda Fair 1985 and Miss Fonda Fair 2005!


Junior Princess: Emma Rose Butler Princess: Carolyn Rose Cranker

Junior Miss: Caitlin Neri Miss: Linda Conti

Miss New York ANP 2015

Community Pageantry


What do you do when you have competed in pageants for your entire life, literally, and used pageantry as an outlet to promote a platform that means everything to you, but suddenly you are “too old” for one of the most recognizable pageant systems out there? You keep going.

Danielle Trumbull began competing in the Miss Fulton County youth pageants, and at 17 she began competing in Miss New York local preliminaries. She placed at nearly every pageant, where she promoted her personal platform of animal rights, and sang a pop vocal song to impress the audience. In 2012, Danielle was crowned Miss Empire Star and competed in Miss New York, going home with the non-finalist talent award. But in 2013, her final year of eligibility, she did not win a crown. Her years in Miss New York were over.

Miss Colonial 2015

Community Pageantry

For many contestants and titleholders, competing at Miss New York is not the focus of their reign. Sure, they want to do their best, but the most important attribute of winning a local title is the community pride and ability to serve a region that is close to their heart. For Danielle Trumbull, Miss Empire Star 2012, service was always at the heart of competing.

This led her to start the Little Miss Colonial Pageant, for Fulton County (and beyond) girls (and boys!) to compete and participate in community service events throughout the Gloversville area. After a super successful year for the inaugural queens, the 2015 pageant was planned.

Upcoming Pageant: Little Miss Colonial Pageant

Community Pageantry
2014 Titleholders at a fundraiser for the Gloversville Senior Center

2014 Titleholders at a fundraiser for the Gloversville Senior Center

Date: March 14th, 2015 at 2pm

Location: The Glove Theater, Gloversville NY at 1pm

Admission: $5

Rehearsal: March 13th, at 6pm at Glove Theater. Optional Workshop at 5:30

Age Groups: 0-3, 4-6, 7-9, 10-12, and 13-16 (teens), 17-24 (Miss). (Boys are also welcome to compete!)

Mission:  To promote self-esteem, confidence and to allow the children a head start into fun community service projects and volunteerism. No child will leave empty handed!


  • Must live in New York State
  • No glitz permitted.
    • Children should be dressed age appropriately. Eyelashes and hair pieces are not permitted for the young contestants. Minimal makeup is acceptable.
  • Must be within the ages of 0-24.

Rehearsal and Optional Workshop – Friday, March 13 at 6pm

  • Opportunity to meet with local and state titleholders from different systems
  • Learn how to walk and practice onstage questions.

The winners and runner ups from each category will be able to participate in community service projects, parades, and other fun events throughout the community!

Required Phases of Competition

  • 0-3: “beauty” only. Contestants should wear Sunday best
  • 3-12: “beauty” and On-Stage Question
  • 13-24: Evening Gown, On-Stage Question, and Private Interview

Optional Categories:

  • Photogenic
  • Talent

There will also be an award for the child who brings in the most donations for our local animal shelters and for the child who sells the most tickets!

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Miss NY International 2014

Community Pageantry

The time has come for Miss New York International, Danielle Trumbulll, to pass on the crown to a new young lady in our great state of New York. Six “Miss” contestants, as well as some Teen and Mrs contestants, have all come together at the Villa Roma Resort in Calicoon, New York.


Danielle Trumbull, Miss New York International 2013, with the 6 Miss contestants.


Phases Of Competition (As Posted on nypageants.com)

10329043_10204853581849794_1154413872426208514_nInterview: 40% (of overall score) for Teen and Miss competitors and 50% (of overall score) for Mrs. competitors. Interviews will be conducted between 5 judges and contestant. Each contestant will have 5 minutes with each judge.

Evening Gown: 20% (Teen and Miss Competitors) and 25% (Mrs.). Each contestant will wear her own personal choice of floor length evening gown. Each contestant will be judged on grace, poise and elegance in Evening Wear.

Fitness Wear: 20% (Teen and Miss)  25% (Mrs.) Each contestant will wear the official aerobic wear with white athletic shoes, and is judged on being physically fit, energetic, and healthy.

Fun Fashion Wear: 20%  (Teen and Miss) The Fun Fashion Wear portion of the competition is designed to provide each contestant an opportunity to express her own personal sense of style. Fun Fashion Wear attire should consist of something that you would wear on the red carpet or to a dressy celebration like a New Year’s Eve party.

The On-Stage portion will consist of a 30 platform statement followed by a platform related question with 30 seconds to complete and answer.



Miss New York International:  Elaina Estrada

Teen Miss New York International: Rachel Goldsmith

Mrs. New York International:  Marjorie Anglade-Vail