NY Strong at Virginia USA, Again

National Competitions

This past weekend, two beautifully elegant young women, both former Miss New York contestants, competed in Miss Virginia USA… again! Both have competed at Miss New York, both have competed at Miss Virginia, and last year both of them competed in Miss Virginia USA. Delesia was a Top 12 finalist, and Jamie was 2nd runner up. Both returned this year to try their luck once more at the Miss Virginia USA competition.

Celebrity Miss America Team (Judges, et al)

National Competitions



Bert Parks is iconically recognized as the host of Miss America. Following his passing, several hosts have come and gone, including none other than Chris Harrison. He has hosted, and continues to host, popular news and reality television shows. This will be his 7th year judging the Miss America Pageant.


Brooke Burke previously hosted the Miss America Pageant in 2013, while it was hosted in Los Vegas. She is making her way tot he east coast to host this year’s competition at Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City. In addition to co-hosting Dancing with the Stars, Brooke is a successful blog-preneur, and has launched several digital resources for crunchy mothers and more.

Preliminary Judges

The preliminary round is judged by a second set of judges. These judges are trained in different areas of expertise, specifically behind the scenes. There is a former Miss America, as well as a television producer, author, political lobbyist, and fashion experts. These judges are responsible for the private interview category, and will choose the Top 15 contestants.

Music Curator


Nick Jonas is no stranger to the pageant world. He dated Olivia Cuplo; Miss Rhode Island USA, Miss USA 2012, Miss Universe 2012. He was a successful artist with his brothers’ band, Jonas Brothers, before launching his solo career. He is now serving as the Music Curator. He will not only choose the songs played during each phase of competition, but provide commentary explaining his rationale during the pageant.

Final Judges


Country Star


Amy Purdy, snowboarding Paralympic; Kevin O’Leary, Shark Tank entrepreneur; Taya Kyle, author; Brett Eldredge, country music artist


Actress and Recording Artist


Actress and author



The biggest announcement came when Vanessa Williams, former Miss Syracuse-New York-America, was announced as the Head Judge. Following her controversial resignation as Miss America, Vanessa had stepped away from her involvement with the Miss America Program. She then built a highly successful career in the entertainment industry, both as a musical artist and model. She recently returned to New York where she was married, and lives in the lower Hudson Valley. Her return is said to “rewrite history”.  No matter what, New York is proud of Vanessa Williams and is glad to welcome her back into the MAO/MNY legacy.

National Sweetheart 2015

National Competitions

The National Sweetheart pageant, an important part of the Hoopeston Sweetcorn Festival, runs deep with sweet history. Although not affiliated with the Miss America Organization, it runs like an official pageant, and invites a runner up from each state pageant to compete. This year Nina Zesky, Miss Heart of New York, accepted the honor of Miss New York’s Sweetheart. It almost seems like fate that she won that local title. Last year, New York sent Jamie but secretly rooted on Allie Curtis, Rhode Island Sweetheart, as well because of her connection to Miss New York. This year, New York not-so-secretly rooted on three interstate Sweethearts who had previously competed in New York. 

Vote for Jamie: #Go4It

National Competitions

Just two months ago, Jamie Lynn Macchia was crowned Miss New York in her 4th and final attempt at the state crown. She has already made appearances across the state, traveled to New Jersey and Florida, and has been working incredibly hard to promote her platform Inspiring Action Against Pediatric Cancer, specifically in regards to fundraising for research and support groups.

Jamie has the challenge and pleasure of representing New Yorkers as the first Staten Islander to win the title in many years. Jamie is beautiful, talented, and smart (everything needed to become Miss America!), and has an incredible smile that lights up any room (or stage).

Who is Miss New York?

But now is the important part for New York’s fans and supporter. Prior arriving in Atlantic City at least we have the opportunity to secure a spot in the finals. Jamie will be representing New York next month at the National Pageant, and by voting for her every day we can guarantee her a spot in the Top 15, and a performance on Finals Night.

How to Vote for Miss New York

Unlike in the past, voting is done on social media. Using Facebook or Twitter, simply use the hashtag #MissAmericaVote and include the words “New York” in the content. “We Love New York” works pretty well. Support Miss New York, Jamie Lynn Macchia, and help secure her place in the Finals at Miss America. So Vote for Jamie Lynn every day on your social media accounts. It’s as easy as retweeting @PageantFile each day on Twitter.

Why You Should Vote for Miss New York

It wasn’t long ago that Claire Buffie, Miss New York 2010, won the honor of becoming People’s choice. Kaitlin Monte was second runner up in the competition and won a preliminary award. Mallory Hagan became the fourth Miss New York to become Miss America in history. Nina Davuluri resurected the Miss Syracuse title, and was the first Miss America of Indian Decent. Then Kira Kazantsev shattered history with the infamous three-peat. New York has big expectations for our titleholder, and without a doubt know that Jamie can #Go4It!

New York’s Sweetheart ’15

National Competitions

Screen Shot 2015-06-22 at 11.13.44 AM

Last year, Jamie Lynn Macchia was 2nd runner up to Miss New York and accepted the title of Miss New York’s Sweetheart. She traveled to Hoopston, Illinois to compete with her Sweetheart Sisters in a national pageant, similar to Miss America.

New York had made history as the only state to win Miss America three-consecutive years, but that wasn’t our only historic feat. Jamie Lynn came home as 1st Runner Up- the highest a New York Sweetheart had ever placed. She later announced that the pageant’s life stream statistics were able to determine that more viewers were from New York than any other state.

This year, Jamie Lynn has won the title of Miss New York 2015, and will compete in Atlantic City. We have come to expect big things from our New York representatives.

Sweetheart Love

Sweetheart Love

Just today, Nina Zesky, Miss Heart of New York, announced that she has accepted the title of New York’s Sweetheart and will be representing the Empire State at the National Sweetheart pageant. Like Jamie, Nina was 2nd runner up at the Miss New York pageant, coincidentally with the same 1st runner up turning down the initial offer.

Nina will be joined by State Finalists from across the nation for the opportunity to be crowned Miss National sweetheart. Although this is not officially affiliated with Miss America, the pageant follows the same categories and scoring procedure. Many Sweetheart representatives go on to claim their state title (as seen with Jamie Lynn and Allie Curtis, Rhode Island’s 2014 Sweetheart), and some have even gone on to with the Miss America crown. This year has also made history in a national way, as a record breaking number of 2014 Sweethearts have won their 2015 state titles. Last year, only 4 Sweethearts competed at Miss America. The state season is only half complete thus far, and there are already over a dozen Sweethearts with state titles.

The pageant will be held in August; we can’t wait to see how Nina will do. New York has certainly set the standards high, and we have every reason to believe Nina will continue to show America that an Empire State of Mind is the secret to success.