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The pageant is over. You’ve either won and will be continuing to the next level. Or maybe you aren’t competing anymore. Maybe you just want a new dress, or need to clear out to make more room. Where do you go?

Ebay is an option. Consignment shops have been utilized forever now. Recently online pageant consignment shops have also began to spring up. But these all have one thing in common: commission. Instead of the seller receiving money in exchange for a product, there is a middle man who take a slice of the pie. whether there are charges to post your items, or a commission added straight to the listing price, someone else is taking from your profit.


Pageant Diet; Eliminating Sugar

Pageant Prep

DoYouYoga, an online community for yogis around the world, recently posted an interesting article on why sugar kills the consumer. It has not been a secret; sugar is bad for you. But just how bad? And does the pageant girl really need to take sugar into consideration when preparing for a pageant?


Sugar is possibly the biggest weakness for a pageant girl, but once it is eliminated in the worst forms, your body will thank you. Thankfully, there are 11 easy ways to eliminate it from your diet. Your Lifestyle and Fitness scores will thank you. Your dentist, too.

See the original post here.

Why Sugar Kills You (And How To Avoid It Without Going Crazy)


Most people these days are overfed and undernourished. In an age and mindset of thinking that faster and quicker is better, our diets are full of processed and nutritionally lacking foods. It’s much easier to open a box and throw it into the microwave for 5 minutes than it is to prepare that same meal the old fashioned way (with nutritious ingredients, time and care).

It may be quicker but the effect these easy foods have on our bodies is astronomical. One of the main reasons is sugar, especially processed sugar.

Refined Sugar – Tons Of Empty Calories

No more than 10 percent of a person’s total daily caloric intake should come from simple sugars. That equals 40-50 grams of sugar per day, which is approximately ten teaspoons of sugar for a 2,000-calorie diet. Refined, simple sugar is full of calories but those calories are doing nothing to promote health and energy. They are empty calories — meaning, they provide a quick lift but have no long-term nutritional benefit.

Examples of refined sugars: White table sugar (Sucrose), refined brown sugar (Sucrose, corn syrup and high fructose corn syrup.

Complex Sugar – Better But Calorie-Heavy

These complex sugars are better for you but they do contain a high amount of calories and should be eaten in moderation. Examples of complex sugars: Fructose (in fruit and honey), lactose (in milk) and maltose (in grains).

Refined sugar is very dangerous to our bodies, as it is a chemically processed product that isn’t found in nature and has been stripped of any nutritional content due to this processing. Many people think that brown sugar is a better choice over white sugar, but this isn’t necessarily the case. Generally, brown sugar is nothing more than white sugar that has a bit of molasses added for color. Raw Sugar can be a more wholesome choice as it has not been as chemically processed, but it can be difficult to find.

How Sugar Makes You Sick

The amount of sugar that most people consume is far more than their bodies can use for energy. One can of soda can have nine to ten teaspoons of sugar. Obviously, this is very detrimental to a person’s health. Our body sees sugar as a toxin, causing an immune response that isn’t necessary and can also contribute to a variety of diseases and degenerative conditions.

Here are just some of the things sugar can do to your body:

  •  Suppress the immune system
  •  Cause diabetes
  •  Leach nutrients such as potassium, magnesium and calcium from the body
  •  Cause intense food cravings and eating binges
  •  Cause obesity
  •  Cause arteriosclerosis
  •  Cause behavioral problems (especially in children)
  •  Cause problems in the spleen, pancreas and adrenal glands
  •  Wreak havoc on blood sugar levels

And if this wasn’t enough already: Sugar is addictive!

11 Easy Ways To Cut Sugar Out Of Your Diet

  1. Wean yourself away from processed foods that are full of sugar.
  2. Choose fruit juice over fruit drinks and water over sodas. Dilute your fruit juice with water.
  3. Choose healthful snacks such as fruits, vegetables and whole grains.
  4. When choosing breakfast cereal, only pick those that have 3 grams or less of sugar per serving.
  5. Read labels!
  6. Eat in moderation – if you must have a sugary food, be smart and only eat a small portion.
  7. Choose natural sweeteners over refined sugars and artificial sweeteners.
  8. Watch out for added sugars that are expressed by their formal names such as sucrose.
  9. Petition schools to remove children’s access to sodas and sugary foods.
  10. Cut out three sodas per day and you can lose 15 pounds per year.
  11. Educate yourself about what sugar is, and become familiar with refined versus complex sugars.

The intake of empty calories in the typical American diet is astounding as more and more people are getting through their days by munching on snack foods. These snacks are full of refined sugars and simple carbohydrates, which can be avoided by taking the time to prepare foods ahead of time. It’s just as fast to snack on an apple as it is a donut — and the apple will do much more to satisfy and nourish your body.

Teeth Whitening

Pageant Prep

2012-08-20-22_00_19You’re sitting in the audience watching as a girl steps on the stage. She flashes a smile and the audience goes blind by her perfectly white teeth. Man, she must have paid a fortune for teeth whitening procedures, crosses your mind. Maybe she did. But a brilliant smile can be developed right at home, using the same whitening tools that we’ve known about for a hundred years: baking soda and peroxide.

Modern Toothpaste

Modern toothpaste tricks the consumer. “Whitening” tooth paste contain little pieces of sand or sometimes even little balls of plastic, that scrape away at stains on the enamel. Get rid of the stain, and there is a white tooth underneath! Some of them contain hydrogen peroxide, which bleach the teeth as well. So after it scrapes away the top layer, it stains the second. I’d rather just… not do either of these.

The Cure:

  • An apple a day…
  • Cavity prevention toothpaste with flouride
  • Baking Soda & Peroxide 2:1 solution
  • Mouth Guard or whitening tray

The Science

An apple is not only good for you, but will naturally scrape across your teeth as you eat it. This will gently scrape away at tartar and stains.

Teeth are made of pores. Pores are microscopic holes. Although we can’t see them, if we did they would actually be cavities, they are there. These pores give the illusion of a grey tooth.  The smaller they are, the smoother surface our teeth will be. The use of anti-cavity toothpaste with fluoride helps to tighten these pores, and as a result give the illusion of a whiter tooth. This being said, modern whitening toothpastes should be avoided, as they actually tear open the pore and can make the teeth appear more grey.

Baking soda is a mild abrasive that will scrape away much more gentle than sand or plastic balls. Additionally, the reaction with the peroxide allows it to get into small crevices and pull the tartar away from the teeth and gums.

Whitening Schedule

  • 3x each week:
    • After brushing your teeth normally with anti-cavity toothpaste, use a mouthguard or whitening tray with a Baking Soda and peroxide 1:2 solution. Allow mixture to sit for 5-20 minutes. (Begin at 20, and decrease length as desired shade is reached)
  • 2x each week:
    • Instead of the anti-cavity toothpaste, use the baking soda and peroxide solution as toothpaste.
  • 2x each week:
    • Brush your teeth normally with anti-cavity toothpaste. Don’t forget to floss before you brush!

Once your teeth are at a good color, drop whitening process to once each week, to maintain.

Stain Prevention

Also, Whitening will help reverse staining, but the best way to have white teeth is to prevent staning! Two of the main causes of stains are

  1. Smoking
    • If you need help quitting, check out SmokeFree.
  2. Coffee
    • When drinking coffee, use a straw and don’t sqwish it in your mouth.






Suit for the Stage- Not to Swim

Pageant Prep

One of the most nerveracking phase of competition, especially for first time contestants, is the Lifestyle and Fitness category. While this should be a chance to show off your hard work, from living an active and healthy lifestyle, often times a good suit is a huge contributing factor to truly highlighting your body. The secret to earning points during the L&F competition is confidence, which is found from truly feeling as though you look your best. This is also made possible with a good suit.

There are many great pageant swimsuits companies out there, such as Kandice Pelletier and Jamye Shaw. They are able to offer high quality, often times custom, suits that fit and flatter your body. These suits, arguably the best, are also the most expensive.

Many local titleholders and contestants choose to shop for their suit at Venus or Victoria’s Secret. These suits, albiet less expensive, are not all tailored for pageants and should be purchased with discretion.

Personally, I was a fan of Target. They were mid-quality and mid-priced, but still made me feel awesome and look great. The trick is, knowing what makes a good suit and being proactive in your search to find it.

Miss America Age Requirements; What You Need to Know

Pageant Prep

Nothing beats the excitement of winning a title. But what happens when suddenly, before it even had time to soak in, it is ripped away?

Previously, when the Miss America pageant was held in Las Vegas, contestants were required to be 24 leading up until the national pageant. However, they were eligible if they were still 24 during their local pageant, and state pageant, and were set to turn 25 during their Miss America reign. This in mind, the contestants were required to affirm that they would not reach their 25th birthday until after December 31 or that year.

So when the Miss America pageant came home to Atlantic City, and moved 3 months forward, there was much speculation regarding the age requirement. Would the deadline move forward as well?

In a series of unfortunate events, Amanda Longacre received the worst new of her pageant life: she had accidentally slipped past both Delaware’s local and state paperwork team, and despite being ineligible, was crowned Miss Delaware 2014. This was an easy mistake, and Amanda deserves our respect, as it is already a very difficult time for her. Due to the confusion between the age cutoff, both Amanda and Brittany will receive the winning scholarship.

As per Miss America guidelines, Brittany Lewis; the first runner up, claimed the Miss Delaware crown. Amanda will continue to serve the community and state she loves, but without the crown.

So, are you eligible?

In order to compete in the 2016 season, you must be between the age of 17 and 24.

17: Girls must be a senior in high school, and accepted to an accredited college or university.

24: Girls must turn 24 after December 31, 2015 meaning that they will turn 25 after December 31, 2016*.

*This being said, if a contestant wins Miss America during her last year of eligibility, she will turn during her reign. She will not be 25 during any phase of competition.

If you have any questions, please email your local or state director!