Reblog: Three in a Row! Congratulations Kira!


Many of the Miss New York 2014 local titleholders took the weekend off to travel to Atlantic City and watch as their pageant sister, Kira, competed for Miss America. Needless to say, no one was let down as Kira took the crown. Lauren, Miss Mohawk Valley, shares her experience. This multifaceted post touches the charisma Kira gave off the first time Lauren met her, Kira’s talent (as a vocalist about a vocalist), and the scoring breakdown. It’s great to see the sisterhood and friendship continue at every level.

Crowning Adventures

I can’t even describe how excited I am! I mean, it might be the sleep deprivation, as I am running on around 3 hours of ZZZs, but I doubt it.

Jack Dyville, our producer for the Miss New York 2014 pageant, called it- Lightning Struck again! Kira Kazantsev was crowned Miss America 2015 last night in Atlantic City and I was there to witness this historical moment! :)

Miss America! (Her headshot for Miss New York) Miss America!
(Her head shot for Miss New York)

Never in Miss America history has a state won the coveted 4-point crown 3 years in a row. But of course, that didn’t mean we as a state weren’t wishing Kira would take the crown after Nina Davuluri. After all, New York has a history full of firsts:

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Miss Empire Rose/Empire Star 2013


Empire Rose has always been a small, cute pageant, that is secretly a dance recital for an elderly dance troupe. This year the state asked for the eligibility to be opened to all upstate girls. At first I was very upset, because I like the limited competition. But then I realized how much it must suck to not be eligible for any at all.

It was nice to see so many of the girls again! Especially the few I met at Finger Lakes and I hadn’t gotten to know very well yet.

There were actually TWO Miss New York preliminaries on Saturday. Both were double crowns, so FOUR girls joined the Miss New York Class of 2013. In addition to Miss Empire Rose and Miss Fulton County, Clarkson University, way up north, decided to host a new preliminary today as well. The Miss Clarkson (which actually switched its name to Miss Adirondacks) is eligible if she attended Clarkson, and a second title, Miss North Country, is anyone in St. Lawrence Country. Miss North Country is Hallie Hugues and Miss Adirondacks is Victoria Ballestero. I hope they go to Miss New York!

Miss Finger Lakes/Upstate New York2013


The Miss Finger Lakes pageant has always been one of my favorites (perhaps because it was my first Miss America local), but this year is possibly better than the last two. Since the Miss Greater Rochester pageant is taking a year off, and there are so few preliminaries for upstate girls, the Moss Finger Lakes pageant decided to not only expand the eligibility from “central New York” to “upstate New York”, but also adopted the Miss Upstate crown. Rayna Reid, Miss Upstate 2012 came to crown her successor, and Caitlin Nolan, Miss Finger Lakes 2012, was of course there to crown her successor.

20130218-000606.jpg 20130218-000631.jpg

There was originally 20 girls registered to compete, from as far as Buffalo and Albany. However, this number dropped to 17, as Katelynn Smith won Miss Fulton County and Carrie Sunde won Miss Cambridge, a Miss Massachusetts preliminary. And also one of the girls did not show up. I had competed with many of the girls before, but it was also nice to meet new faces.