2015 Runner Ups

Recently, the Miss New York Board of Directors made a very exciting announcement. Following the conclusion of the Miss New York local pageant season, any girl who placed in the Top Five will be invited to compete at the Runner Ups Pageant. Two titles, Miss Southern Tier and Miss Triple Cities, will be awarded.

We have no way of knowing who will compete until the pageant itself. These contestants will be invited, but not required to compete. Furthermore, they could win a title after placing. However, we can track who has placed throughout the season so we have a decent idea of who the possibilities may be.

Central New York

Thousand Islands

Miss Queens

  • Tiffany Farrell

Miss Manhattan/Cosmopolitan

Miss Staten Island

Miss Syracuse/Salt City/Erie Canal

  • Jessica Brosofsky Miss Onondaga County
  • Madison Manuel Miss Empire Rose
  • Abbey Naumowicz

Finger Lakes/Upstate

Miss Flower City

Fulton County

  • Courtney Sheridan

Empire Rose/Empire Star

Crown City Sweeper

  • Jessica Brosofsky Miss Onondaga County
  • Cassie Paradise Miss Southern Tier

Homer Sweeper (Choose Your Title)


Mohawk Valley


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