2017 Runner Ups

Following the conclusion of the Miss New York local pageant season, any girl who placed in the Top Five may be invited to compete at a Runner Ups Pageant. We have no way of knowing who will compete until the pageant itself. These contestants will be invited, but not required to compete. Furthermore, they could win a title after placing. However, we can track who has placed throughout the season so we have a decent idea of who the possibilities may be.

Thousand Islands

Copper City

Central New York

Miss Queens/Miss Brooklyn

  • 1st Runner Up: Nicole Doz

Miss Pride of New York/Miss Metropolitan/Miss Liberty

  • 2nd Runner Up: Emma Silen Miss Cosmopolitan
  • 1st Runner Up: Noelle Zesky

Mohawk Valley

Miss Staten Island/Richmond County

  • 2nd Runner Up: Alexa Moley
  • 1st Runner Up: Rose Bolella Miss Manhattan

Miss Greater NYC/Manhattan/Cosmopolitan

Fulton County

  • 1st Runner Up: Tristen Satterlee

Finger Lakes/Upstate New York

Montgomery County/Colonial/Southern Tier

  • 2nd Runner Up:
  • 1st Runner Up:

Western NY

  • 2nd Runner Up: Diana Marie Russo
  • 1st Runner Up: Emmalee Stawicki Miss Buffalo

Empire Rose/Empire Star

  • 2nd Runner Up:
  • 1st Runner Up:


  • 2nd Runner Up:
  • 1st Runner Up:


  • 1st Runner Up: