Miss Copper City

11014860_136447993367289_18315948191313867_nThe Miss Copper City Scholarship Organization formed to provide another title for the many talented young women in the Central New York region. Rome, NY is the second largest city in New York State, and was once responsible for the manufacturing of 10% of the nation’s copper products, thus earning it the name “Copper City”.

Although there have been titleholders from Rome before, they earned entry to the Miss New York State pageant with other titles, such as Miss Oneida County or Miss Utica. There has only been one Miss Rome, who then went on to become Miss New York State.

After a successful year with their inaugural titleholder, the Miss Copper City Organization decided to add a second title- Miss Revere.

Executive Director: Felicia Marett

Contact: MissCopperCityNY@gmail.com | Facebook Page |

Eligibility: Statewide Open