Miss NYC Local


2014: Kira Kazantsev, City of NY; Christina Moore, Cosmopolitan; Julia Rae Schlucter, Metropolitan

The New York City local has crowned some amazing titleholders over the past few years (and as far back as 1921), including multiple Miss Americas. In fact, more Miss New York City titleholders have competed at Miss America, (and won), than every other NY Local title combined. The NYC Local pageant has also changed leadership and titles may times. After some unfortunate legal issues over the “Miss New York City” title during Acacia Courtney’s (’13) and Kira Kazantsev’s (’14) years, the local dropped this most iconic title, replacing it with Miss Manhattan. Meanwhile, the Miss Cosmopolitan and Miss Metropolitan had been added as second and third titles for two years. Last year, the Metropolitan title was dropped, but added to another triple. In 2016, following the crowning of Jamie Lynn Macchia, Miss Greater New York, as Miss New York, the Miss Cosmopolitan title was replaced with Miss Greater New York. This year the Organization is spearheaded by a group of formers with years of experience on the Miss New York stage.

Regardless of who is in charge, and which titles are awarded, it goes without saying that whoever wins a NYC Local title will do great at the Miss New York pageant.

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Eligibility: The 5 Boroughs, Long Island and the lower Hudson Valley (Westchester, Putnam, Orange and Rockland Counties).