Former Miss Arlington

Each year one lady will walk away with a local crown, compete at Miss Virginia (possibly win!). Then at the end of her year- she will pass the crown on to the next girl.

These amazing, smart, beautiful, and talented women should not be forgotten. They are an important part of the Miss Virginia legacy.

If you have any additional information about the titleholders below, please let us know!

2002 Paige Yarachek (Top 10)

2003 Lisa Melton (Seim Prelim/1St RU)

2004 Marianne Minton (Swim Prelim/1st RU)

2005 Courtney Patterson

2006 Adrianna Sgarlata (Talent Prelim/ Miss Virginia)

2007 Leigh-Taylor Smith (3rd RU)

2008 Tara Wheeler (Miss Virginia)

2009 Caressa Cameron (Prelim Talent at Miss VA) (Miss Virginia/Miss America)

2010 Lindsay Morris (3rd RU)

2011 Elizabeth Crot (Miss Virginia)

2012 Courtney Garrett (3rd RU)

2013 Desiree Williams (Miss Virginia)

2014 Briana Hanafin (Top 11)

2015 Courtney Jamison (1st RU)

2016 Veronica Robertson (Talent Prelim/Swim Prelim/Top 11)

2017 Cecili Weber (Swim Prelim/Miss Virginia)

2018 Emili McPhail (Swim Prelim/Miss Virginia)

2019 Taylor Reynolds (Top 12)

2020 Dot Kelly (1RU at Miss VA)

2021 Sarah Robinson (Interview Prelim/1 RU)

2022 Victoria Chuah (Miss Virginia)

2023 Rosie Hartwell