Former Miss Camden

Each year one lady will walk away with a local crown, compete at Miss South Carolina (possibly win!). Then at the end of her year- she will pass the crown on to the next girl.

These amazing, smart, beautiful, and talented women should not be forgotten. They are an important part of the Miss South Carolina legacy.

If you have any additional information about the titleholders below, please let us know!

1938 Margaret Land (Competed at Miss America)

1958 Billie Jewel Kissane

1959 Esther Lorraine Mahaffey

1960 Janet Lynn Haigler Morgan

1970 Ami Reeves

1971 Nadine Ball

1972 Dianne Ball

1973 Frances Basden

1974 Pamela Carter Spivey

1975 Jo Free

1976 Barbara Kelly

1980 Rebecca Sheheen

1981 Lisa Mooneyhan

1982 Susan Campbell Freitas

1983 Ginger Greer

1984 Sarah Parker

1985 Mona Branham Raley

1986 Shelly Cunningham

1987 Denise Goude Jones

1988 Lisa Joyner

1989 Lori Finch

1990 Ronetta Hatcher

1991 Victoria Wilson

1996 Amiee Galloway

1998 Wendy Willis (Miss South Carolina)

1999 Jennifer Scruggs (NF talent, Interview Award)

2000 Erin Hamilton Taylor

2001 Victoria Wilson

2002 Ebony Fleming

2011 Sallie Pierce

2012 Carley Powers

2013 Lauren Jeffcoat

2014 Allison Sanders

2015 Abbie Zvejnieks

2016 Grace Smith

2017 Morgan Schoolfield

2018 Savannah Harvey

2019 Joy DeWitt

2020-21 Rylee Mathis

2022 Alana Sweet

2023 Mary Beth Tanner