Former Miss North Charleston

Each year one lady will walk away with a local crown, compete at Miss South Carolina (possibly win!). Then at the end of her year- she will pass the crown on to the next girl.

These amazing, smart, beautiful, and talented women should not be forgotten. They are an important part of the Miss South Carolina legacy.

If you have any additional information about the titleholders below, please let us know!

1958 Brenda Louise Walker

1959 Billie J Kissano

1971 Linda Leone Gore

1974 Tanya Denkowcz

1984 Melinda Cheryl Garrison

1985 Joan Philips

1986 Cynthia Margaret White

1987 Anna Laurel Gregg

1988 Mary Ann Payne

1989 Angela Jo Rudowski

1990 Pamela Burton

1991 Angela Clark

1992 Jeannie Lamie

1993 Misty Singletary

1994 Dee Withrock

1997 Ricsha Edgar

1998 Melanie Dawn Clark

1999 Heather Pipkin Gray

2000 Amanda Kathleen Morrissey

2003 Jessica Eddins (Miss South Carolina)

2004 Potitsa Niki Chavis (1st RU)

2006 Braylon VanZee

2007 Andrea Shipp

2008 Courtney Burke

2014 Sophie LaBelle (Top 15)

2015 Stirling Rentz (Top 10)

2017 Brianna Bush

2018 Elizabeth McDaniel

2019 Leah Hervieux

2020-21 Brooke Vu (Top 16)

2022 Morgan Elvis

2023 Catherine Smith