Former Miss Fulton County

Each year one girl will walk away with a local crown, compete at Miss New York (possibly win!), and at the end of her year- she will pass the crown on to the next girl. But these amazing, smart, beautiful, and talented women should not be forgotten. They are an important part of the Miss New York legacy.

If you have any additional information about the titleholders below, please let us know!

1972 Pamela Murray Wojitowicz
1973 Linda Sawyer Zullo
1974 Debra Russo Peretsman
1975 Diane Montano Tiberi
1976 Jennifer Dresch Welter
1977 Amgela Lomanto
1978 Sally Arsenault McFee
1979 Terri Hampton Brubaker
1980 Janet Dresch Liddell
1981 Jennifer Baldwin Dear
1982 Concetta Lomanto Youngblood
1983 Mary Foster Thompson
1984 Judith Lomanton Burke
1985 Amy Blackwood Seidel
1986 Teri Horton Nielsen
1987 Elizabeth Foster Cusack
1988 Kerry Christiano Molina [Press Release]
1989 Robin Griffin Fields [Press Release]
1990 Elizabeth Foster Cusack [Press Release]
1991 Kara Dwyer Sidener
1992 Stacy Montano Hipps
1993 Noel True
1994 Heather Buanno
1995 Indea Rose Leo
1996 Kamouraska Juin
1997 Kaite Andre
1997 Lisa Esler Brauer (Miss New York)
1998 Amber Dalmata Baia
1999 Kamouraska Mendez
2000 Jennifer McKeough Flynn
2001 Amber Dalmata Baia
2002 Rebecca Ferron Skretkowicz
2003 Blaire Elmendorf Banks
2004 Jennifer Kested
2005 Jessica Cichy
2006 Corey White
2007 Courtney Egelston
2008 Colleen Gagne
2009 Courtney Sheridan
2010 Heather Shaffer
2011 Kieren Sheridan [Headshot]
2012 Colleen Gagne
2013 Katelynn Smith
2014 Emily Stegeland
2015 Baylee Simpson
2016 Lexi Swatt
2017 Heather Graves
2018 Chelsea Cirillo
2019 Isabelle Henderson
2020-21 Marriana Mattice

2022 Alexis Houser

2023 Julia Robare


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