Former Miss Staten Island

Each year one girl will walk away with a local crown, compete at Miss New York (possibly win!), and at the end of her year- she will pass the crown on to the next girl. But these amazing, smart, beautiful, and talented women should not be forgotten. They are an important part of the Miss New York legacy.

If you have any additional information about the titleholders below, please let us know!

1939 Lillian Evelyn Hesser (Competed at Miss America)

1967 Kari Pederson (Miss New York)
1967 Lynn Memoly Lerner
1968 Susan Martin
1969 Karen Brunn
1970 Joan Boracchio
1971 Deborah Casley Pavlich
1972 Loraine Barron
1973 Barbara J. Lopez (preliminary talent award)
1974 Wanda Drew
1975 Janice Avery Ould
1976 Noreen Moss (Preliminary Swimsuit, Top 10)
1977 Lezley Braun (Miss New York)
1977 Susan Christiansen
1978 Karen Notare
1979 Kathleen Notare
1980 Antoinette D’Addio
1981 Claire Leach
1982 Kim Osgood
1983 Wendy Brown
1984 Gina Biancardi (3rd Runner Up)
1985 Alice Knisley (Miss New York)
1986 Laureen Pesce
1987 Eileen Green
1988 Anna Marie Truncali
1989 Gail Willadsen
1990 Gracelyn Fernandez Santos (3rd Runner Up, Swimsuit Award)
1991 Jennifer Alaimo
1992 Yolanda Zawisny
1993 Stommy Holder
1994 Kristina Ferraro
1995 Jennifer Hicks
1996 Samantha Stern
1997 Sandra Ali
1998 Deana Herrera (Miss New York)
1998 Karen Farrell
1999 Amy Reher
2000 Jennifer Vernazza
2001 Brenda Barreto
2002 Ryan Kelly
2003 Sarah Madej
2004 Marissa Ann Terzino
2005 Kimberley Ferdinando
2006 Cassandra Ruiz
2007 Elise Rooker
2008 Melissa Robson
2009 Kimberly Cantoni
2010 Jennifer Scacco (2nd RU)
2011 Maria DeSantis [Headshot] (Top 10)
2012 Jamie Lynn Macchia (Top 10)
2013 Amanda Lee Alicea
2014 Jamie Lynn Macchia (2nd Runner-Up)
2015 Katlyn Cohen
2016 Heather Wolf
2017 Allison Deluca
2018 Nicole Doz
2019 Ashley Marie Davis (Top 10)
2020-21 Madison L’Insalata (Top 10)

2022 Tatiana Santos Mroczek (Top 10)

2023 Meera Matthew


  1. Dear Sir/Madam,

    Please I need you to help me to find Jennifer Hicks who won 1995 pageant….She was a sign language interpreter who used to live in Staten Island.

    Thank you very much for your help.

    Best regards,

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