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Workshop Development

You’re passionate about your platform, but how will you bring it to the community? Workshops are a structured curriculum developed for each titleholder based on their social impact initiative.

Workshop Development includes:

  • Workshop Summary with presentation outline, material list, activity guide, any printables, and follow-up questions.
  • Personalized tracking tool to organize workshop schedules.
  • Email template for pitching schools with your workshop.

$45 per workshop

Packages available for multiple workshops if you need multiple age groups. Sister queens may also request a custom “blended” workshop that integrates two platforms, or an empowerment theme.

Paperwork Review

The judges received candidate paperwork before the night of competition, and sets their first impression. Strong paperwork stands out in their mind so they are looking forward to meeting you. Paperwork is also the source of interview questions, and should be intentionally worded to direct the interview in your favor.

Paperwork Review includes:

  • Proofreading and formatting
  • Line by line revision, with suggestions and explanation
  • Personalized set of 15+ interview questions based off the essay
  • Sample Closing Statements
  • Interview “Non-Negotiables” Planning Guide

Paperwork Review: $15/ piece

I will not write your Social Impact Initiative essay for you. However, I will go beyond spelling and grammar checks to ensure your passion and action plan are clearly laid out.

Note: Paperwork reviews available for local candidates or local titleholders.

Media Kit Development

A media kit is a digital portfolio that summarizes who you are as a public figure, and what you provide as a community servant. Media kits vary across industries, and titleholders need a media kit designed for them.

Media Kit includes:

  • A full color pdf to be distributed in digital or print form
    • Titleholder bio
    • Important social impact statistics
    • Workshop/presentation plan
    • Contact information

Media Kit: $30

Note: You must have a workshop or presentation plan to include in the Media Kit. Optional Workshop Development Add-On for $40.

Interview Question Curation

Judges are instructed to ask questions about a candidate’s paperwork, in addition to current events. Candidates should be able to answer any question asked about the content in their titleholder paperwork. This is a standalone service, without paperwork review or development.

Interview Question Curation includes:

  • 10 personalized interview questions based off resume and platform essay

Interview Question Curation: $9.95

Social Media Management

Social media strategy tips and Instagram development will always be provided complimentary on the PageantFile Instagram. We firmly believe that titleholders as public figures should have the tools to utilize effective social media.

Social Media Management packages are personalized strategy, and may also include:

  • Custom Canva Templates
  • Daily/Weekly/Monthly Content plans
  • Caption Writing
  • Photo Editing
  • Engagement
  • Sponsor Outreach

For full service management, please message for a discovery chat.