New York’s Sweethearts


Throughout the years many Miss New York titleholders first represented New York (or another state) at the National Sweetheart Pageant. There have also been NY Sweetheart representatives who have not gone on to win the state title. If you have any information of New York Sweethearts who did not earn the state title, please let us know!

NY Sweetheart 2002: Jessica Lynch; Miss New York 2003

NY Sweetheart 2003: Christina Ellington; Miss New York 2004

NY Sweetheart 2005: (Name Unknown!) [Picture 1] [Picture 2] [Picture 3] [Picture 4]

NY Sweetheart 2006: Theresa Tokarowski [Picture]

NY Sweetheart 2008: Alyse Zwick; Miss New York 2009 [Picture]

NY Sweetheart 2008: Inga Slingerman

NY Sweetheart 2012: Maria Desantis [Picture]

NY Sweetheart 2014: Jamie Lynn Macchia; Miss New York 2015

NY Sweetheart 2015: Nina Zesky

NY Sweetheart 2017: Stephanie Meadowcroft

NY Sweetheart 2018: Baylee Simpson

Miss New York titleholders who represented a different state at National Sweetheart:

Miss NY 2005 Kandice Pelletier, Georgia’s Sweetheart 2003/Miss National Sweetheart 2003

Miss NY 2010 Claire Buffie, Indiana’s Sweetheart 2008

Miss NY 2011 Kaitlin Monte, Florida’s Sweetheart 2008

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