Nina Davuluri

Nina Davuluri was one of over 14,000 young women to vie for the coveted title of Miss America 2014 and its $50,000 scholarship award. In September of 2013, Nina, a University of Michigan graduate, gained international acclaim by becoming the first contestant of Indian descent to win the Miss America Competition representing the state of New York.

Over the course of the Nina’s year of service as Miss America, she logged approximately 250,000 miles traveling across the country to address an array of audiences on her platform: “Celebrating Diversity through Cultural Competency.”

Nina continues to advocate for her platforms and currently travels across the country working with various organizations, universities, and philanthropies that align closely with her platform and values.

–Excerpt from Website

Local Title: Miss Syracuse

Platform: Celebrating Diversity Through Cultural Competence

Social Media:

Public Facebook Page | Twitter | Instagram | Website

PageantFile Articles:

Miss Syracuse Princess & Preteen Pageant | Miss New York 2013 | Vote for Nina | Miss America 2014 | Miss America Homecoming



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