Watch out Atlantic City; Big MAK Dreamers Kira & Acacia Are Coming to Town

National Competitions

In 2013, the Miss NY Local, a preliminary for girls in New York City, was founded. Initially, there would only be two titles: Miss New York City and Miss Cosmopolitan. However, the night of the pageant, they made an announcement; they would also be crowing Miss Metropolitan.

Big MAK Dreamers

Claire Buffie Photo

The first set of titleholders, Melissa Phillips; Metropolitan, Acacia Courtney; New York City, Kira Kazantsev; Cosmopolitan realized that their initials spell out “MAK”, resulting in the formation of what is still called today, The Big Mak Dreamers.

The Dreamers competed at Miss New York, 2013 where 2/3 made it to the Top 10 Finals. Acacia performed a classical ballet for her talent, and Kira sang the original Cup Song. Acacia even advanced, and landed a spot in the Top 5.


Claire Buffie Photo

This year, Kira decided she wanted to stay with the NY Local Board of Directors, and competed again. Although she was not eligible for the Miss Cosmopolitan title, she was eligible for either Miss New York City or Miss Metropolitan. To her pleasure, she went home with the Miss New York City 2013 title.

Preparing for the state pageant is stressful enough. Unfortunately, during Acacia’s reign, she was attacked online by an unknown international pageant system unaffiliated with the Miss America Organization that had copywrited the title “Miss New York City”. When Kira won the title, she was unaware of this issue. Before she knew it, she was being sued for nearly $10,000. A week before Miss New York, Kira paid for a new sash that read Miss City of New York. This would eliminate the copywrite and drop the charges. The sash arrived on the day of the pageant, and she would never actually need to wear it.



Although Melissa Phillips did not compete this year, the Big MAK Dreamers stayed tight. They travel to each others events, to support their NY Local Sisterhood and remain close friends.



Of course this friendship meant that Acacia, after winning the title of Miss Hamden in Connecticut, would make her way back to Staten Island to watch Kira compete for Miss New York. She had competed on that very stage twice before, and knew first hand the stress and pressures of competing, as well as the support power of having a friend in the audience. When Kira’s name was called, Acacia possibly cheered the loudest. It was a Dreamer’s Dream come true.

A few weeks later, Acacia was competing for the title of Miss Connecticut. She had won a Lifestyle and Fitness preliminary award, such as in the past. She didn’t hold her breath for the crown, the competition was strong. But alas, when the Final Five were called, she earned the Miss Connecticut crown.

So now, Atlantic City, this means that two of the original Big MAK Dreamers, two former Miss New York Citys Miss City of New Yorks, will be competing on the Miss America stage. The last time they competed together on the same state, The girl crowned Miss New York took the Miss America crown.



Does this mean they will be the Last two standing? We can dream…





Empire State Girls Compete in Virginia & Connecticut

State Competitions

This past weekend, two beautiful and intelligent young women returned home after competing at Miss New York with eligibility earned from school, to compete in their home state.

Acacia Courtney, former Miss Gotham City 2012 and Miss NYC 2013, grew up in Connecticut, previously competed in Connecticut, and held the title of Miss Connecticut’s Outstanding Teen in 2009. Competing in New York gave her valuable experience, and kept her stage ready until she returned this year to vie for The Constitution State’s crown as Miss Hamden. Delesia Watson made her debut in Miss New York as the first Miss Bronx to be crowned in the Bronx. She did not make the semifinals’ Top Ten, however did go home in 2013 with the Non-Finalist Interview Award. This year she earned the title of Miss Virginia Dogwood.

10513393_10204406173539913_730255394166368169_nThe Miss Connecticut pageant had two nights of preliminary competition. On the second night, Acacia won the preliminary Lifestyle and Fitness award, as she had done in 2011 and 2013 in Connecticut and New York, respectively. She pushed through to finals, landing a spot in the Top Ten on the finals night. Acacia wowed the judges with her talent, as she performed a classic ballet piece. Although the contestants were extremely competitive this year, Acacia took the Miss Connecticut title five years after wearing the Miss Connecticut’s Outstanding Teen crown. She shared her Top Five spotlight with Brianna Muñoz; Miss Constitution, Alexandria Puglisi; Miss New Haven County, Allyssa Taglia; Miss Wolcot, and Kirsten Yerger; Miss Litchfield County.


10434141_10152110265956433_5064162118550883991_nDelesia previously competed in Virginia in 2011 and made the Top 11 Finalists. She returned this year as Miss Virginia Dogwood, to compete once again. She wowed the judged with her vocal performance, and earned a spot in the Top 11 this year as well, however did not advance past that. Courtney Garrett, Miss State Fair of Virginia, will represent the Old Dominion at the Miss America pageant as Miss Virginia. Savannah Lane; Miss Chesterfield, Elizabeth Martin; Miss Apple Blossom Festival, Victoria Maiden; Miss Roanoke Valley, and Veronica Robertson;Miss Dominion joined her in the Top Five court.

New York may no longer be their home, but there is no doubt that once you live in the City of Lights, you are destined to light up your life. Great job, Delesia and Congratulations Acacia!