Let Freedom Reign

Titleholder Events

The 2014 local titleholders have been very busy this week, but still found time to celebrate our country’s birthday. Many of the ladies teamed up with their Pageant Sisters in parades, to celebrate the 4th of July. Not that they needed excuse to wear Red White & Blue, and sit in the back of a convertible.

As the face of our community, it’s a nice reminder that titleholders are here to serve community members, and to honor all our military has done, and continues to do, to defend our country.

So finish the day with a joke from Sarah Hreyo, Miss Empire Star:

Why are there no knock-knock jokes about America?

Because freedom rings

Happy 4th of July

Miss America 2014: Show Night

National Competitions
Carrie and I in the Holding Room

Carrie and I in the Holding Room

We arrived at Boardwalk Hall literally two hours before the show. Carrie and I caught up with Adrienne, Dan, Gary, & George, as well as Bianca and Kristina. We were all part of a seat filler program. Basically, many companies sponsor big events and in return receive free tickets to the show.But many do not actually attend the show. So a seat-filler’s job is to find empty seats during commercial breaks and sit in them so that the stadium does not appear empty. Only the first 20 rows ever go on TV, and those are the ones with the empty seats! Unfortunately, this often means that you get moved around and relocated based on holes formed by bathroom breaks. But in Dan and Adrienne’s case, this meant getting moved directly behind Lance Bass. They didn’t complain. Carrie and I were lucky enough not only to sit together, but remain int he same seats for the duration of the pageant.

Before the pageants started, however, we were approached by quite a few Press companies. We were interviewed by both television and online newspapers about our predictions. It was really exciting to know that people would actually listen to us. I was overly confident that Nina would win during the online written article but didn’t speak up during the televised interview. I’m bummed because although my elbow made an appearance, the two girls who don’t even compete in MAO but were wearing NY sashes from another system were featured, simply because they are from NY. Carrie and I were mentioned as “future Miss Americas” and video’ed as I took a photo of her in front of a sign. That was a pleasant surprise when we watched the clip.

VIP Status

VIP Status

We Love New York: Miss New York 2012 Mallory Hagan

National Competitions

Participating in pageant has done amazing things in my life. Sure I haven’t won, just yet, but I have learned so much about being a role model, a member of the community, and being a strong, confident woman. I have secure with my body and my intelligence, and can only continue to grow.

As you know, having read my post about it, I watched the Miss New York Pageant last June with my pageant sister Chelsea. We were lucky enough to watch our friends compete, but also watch as Mallory Hagan was crowned. We had gone there rooting for our favorites, but Mallory deserved to win. Now, she is going to represent New York on the Miss America stage on January 12, 2013.

Miss New York is completely based around education. The organization wants to give women the scholarships and guidance they need to succeed, as well as promote community service, good morals, social justice, intelligence, and talent. Mallory is a great definition of all of these things. She is a talented dancer, she is involved with many organizations, has been a supporter of the Dove: “Love Yourself As You Are” Campaign, and is an advocate for the prevention of child sexual abuse. All in all, she is a great role model.