Is a Cup Competetive at Miss America?

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Miss America is the largest pageant system with a talent portion. This section is scored 35%, which actually makes it, according to the numbers at least, the most important category of the competition. It’s no wonder that many of our Miss America past winners, as well as countless state and local titleholders, have danced in ballet companies, performed on Broadway, or put out albums. The Miss America system is full of talented ladies.


Miss NY 2013

So what happens when a contestant transfers to MAO from a system without a talent portion. She has the stage presence, poise, and beauty. She’s smart, active in the community, and can depend her viewpoints in her interview. But this future Miss America wanna be has not been singing since before she ould speak or dancing since she learned to walk. Sure, she can do a little of both, but she may not have what it takes to stand out against classically trained girls.

This is similar to the case of Kira Kazantsev, Miss New York 2014. Kira has a beautiful voice. She’s fit and healthy, incredible intelligent, and has a great marketing mind. But the talent section is not what drew her to MAO.

Miss NY Cheering Section

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**We are so excited for our new Miss New York 2014 Kira Kazantsev, to be representing our great State at the Miss America Pageant in Atlantic City, September 9-14, 2014. She is well on her way to be the very best that she can be with her preparation.  She is excited as we all are and want to have the biggest cheering section in Atlantic City.

If you want to attend all events, get a badge or enjoy the parade, please contact Linda Carbo by July 15, 2014

1. Badges $40.00 each

  • Visitation after the 3 preliminary shows to visit with Kira. It also allows you
  • Access to the Miss America Trade Show at the Trump Plaza Ballroom.

If you want to have a badge you need to email a photo for the badge. You can send the photo via email to

2. Tickets:

  • Tuesday Only – Sept. 9 $ 50
  • Wednesday Only – Sept 10 $ 50
  • Thursday Only – Sept 11 $ 50
  • Sunday Only – Sept. 14 $ 125

3. Package, all nights $225

For those that are purchasing the package of tickets you will be seated in the “New York Section” for the show. Seats cannot be guaranteed if purchased individually.

4. Show Us Your Shoes Parade, Sept 13 $20

Parade can be viewed standing for free, tickets allow patron to sit on the Boardwalk.



We are accepting checks or money orders only made out to Miss New York State Organization.

Please send your checks to:

Linda Carbo
1860 West 9th Street
Brooklyn New York 11223

If you have any  Questions please email her at


Staying in town for a while? There are plenty of hotels in the region. Click here for a list of the hotels, with the Friends & Family rates for each night.


**Information as posted on MissNY.Org


Miss America 2014: Miss America & Atlantic City Tourism

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Obligatory Photo with Nina's Photo!

Obligatory Photo with Nina’s Photo!

Carrie and I drove straight to the Boardwalk on Saturday, and paid the outrageous $20 parking fee. Thankfully, when we finally got to the hotel, checked in, and decided it was not dirty and we could sleep there, I discovered a shuttle that runs to anywhere in Atlantic City for only $5. I’m not sure, but I think they charged my room and we paid them cash, so I should probably check my bank statement. Sunday morning, bright and early, we called the shuttle. The van parked in front of the hotel, but our driver was inside. Carrie noted that the van had been sideswiped. Fair enough, it happens. But we soon discovered why.

In Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban , Harry takes a journey on the Knight Bus. Our driver and Stan Shunpike are actually cousins. At one point in our journey, after our driver cursed at triathalon bikers, 5k runners, and traffic cops, whipped around corners and zipped down one way streets, I turned to Carrie and whispered, “This reminds me of the Knight bus.” To which she replied, “I was thinking the same thing!” It was such a wild ride that when she dropped us off at Caesar’s Palace, she jumped out of the car to open our door before she put the van in Park. The van started to roll away and the valet parkers stood their laughing. when our feet were safety on the ground a valet parker joked, “Better late than dead.”

Miss America 2014: Show Night

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Carrie and I in the Holding Room

Carrie and I in the Holding Room

We arrived at Boardwalk Hall literally two hours before the show. Carrie and I caught up with Adrienne, Dan, Gary, & George, as well as Bianca and Kristina. We were all part of a seat filler program. Basically, many companies sponsor big events and in return receive free tickets to the show.But many do not actually attend the show. So a seat-filler’s job is to find empty seats during commercial breaks and sit in them so that the stadium does not appear empty. Only the first 20 rows ever go on TV, and those are the ones with the empty seats! Unfortunately, this often means that you get moved around and relocated based on holes formed by bathroom breaks. But in Dan and Adrienne’s case, this meant getting moved directly behind Lance Bass. They didn’t complain. Carrie and I were lucky enough not only to sit together, but remain int he same seats for the duration of the pageant.

Before the pageants started, however, we were approached by quite a few Press companies. We were interviewed by both television and online newspapers about our predictions. It was really exciting to know that people would actually listen to us. I was overly confident that Nina would win during the online written article but didn’t speak up during the televised interview. I’m bummed because although my elbow made an appearance, the two girls who don’t even compete in MAO but were wearing NY sashes from another system were featured, simply because they are from NY. Carrie and I were mentioned as “future Miss Americas” and video’ed as I took a photo of her in front of a sign. That was a pleasant surprise when we watched the clip.

VIP Status

VIP Status

Miss New York is Miss America… Again!

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She did it.

I’m not going to try and keep it a secret, since I’m sure everyone already watched it on television. Miss New York, Nina Davuluri, won Miss America 2014.

  • She is the second Miss New York to become Miss America, in a row.
    • Mallory Hagan crowned her twice; as Miss New York and as Miss America
  • She is the 6th Miss New York to become Miss America, ever.
  • She is the second Miss Syracuse to become Miss America, ever.
    • 30 years, exactly, after Vanessa Williams won.
  • She is the first Miss America of Indian descent.
  • She was the first contestant to perform Bollywood Fusion for her talent.
  • It was the first time the Final Two were “ethnic”.
    • Officially they were both Asian-American, as India is in southern Asia.
    • Also both were 1st Generation Americans.
  • She is the first former MAOT (Michigan) to become Miss America.

This also means that Miss New York…

  • Has FOUR Miss New York titleholders in a single calendar year
  • Had the first Jewish Miss America, first Black Miss America, and first Indian Miss America.
  • Is the 3rd state to win twice consecutively (after Penn & Oklahoma)

Nina Davuluri, you are officially my favorite local holder, favorite Miss New York, and now Favorite Miss America. If I had missed this girl get crowned I would have never forgiven myself.