Pageant Girl’s Guide to Fitness

Pageant Prep

Competing in pageants has given my a new look on life, in regards to my physical fitness. At one point, I worked out to to “lose weight”, not that I had any worth losing, or “tone up”. I didn’t have any specific goals in mind, so I didn’t see any specific results. Competing in pageants, and being on stage in a bikini really opens your eyes to the importance of a fit and healthy lifestyle. As a result of watching myself on stage during the Lifestyle and Fitness category, I have developed a fitness regimen that has provided me with the best personal results I can obtain.

Mallory Hagan, Miss America 2013

Mallory Hagan, Miss America 2013

The biggest myth when it comes to being fit, especially for females, is that a great body comes from hours of cardio. Whether its running on the treadmill or an elliptical, a good body comes from sweating.
While in swimsuit, many girls feel they need to focus on their abdominal region. This is also a myth. There is no way to target fat loss to one area. If you have that unforgiving “pooch”, you need to attack it from all sides. Doing a hundred sit-ups or crunches each day will only make it worse! The two most important body regions that should be focused on are the legs and the back. These muscle groups, if worked properly in balance with healthy eating habits, will in turn help you develop a sexy core. Females are often afraid of lifting weights because they think that they will become bulky like a man or a power lifter. But a females hormones don’t let this happen. A female’s body is physically not capable of becoming bulky simply from lifting heavy weights, without years or heavyweights and potential supplements. By lifting weights, the person gains muscle. Muscle burns fat. Muscle shows hard work. And muscle looks good.

We Love New York: Miss New York 2012 Mallory Hagan

National Competitions

Participating in pageant has done amazing things in my life. Sure I haven’t won, just yet, but I have learned so much about being a role model, a member of the community, and being a strong, confident woman. I have secure with my body and my intelligence, and can only continue to grow.

As you know, having read my post about it, I watched the Miss New York Pageant last June with my pageant sister Chelsea. We were lucky enough to watch our friends compete, but also watch as Mallory Hagan was crowned. We had gone there rooting for our favorites, but Mallory deserved to win. Now, she is going to represent New York on the Miss America stage on January 12, 2013.

Miss New York is completely based around education. The organization wants to give women the scholarships and guidance they need to succeed, as well as promote community service, good morals, social justice, intelligence, and talent. Mallory is a great definition of all of these things. She is a talented dancer, she is involved with many organizations, has been a supporter of the Dove: “Love Yourself As You Are” Campaign, and is an advocate for the prevention of child sexual abuse. All in all, she is a great role model. 

Miss Empire Rose/Empire Star 2012


The time had come again! I was ready for my second pageant of this season. March 6, 2012 was the Miss Empire Rose/Empire Star preliminary competition. I was waiting to post this until I had pictures, but then I found out that my mother’s camera received an error message everytime she tried, so there are none. So much for seeing what I did wrong so I can improve…

I had been spending more time at the gym, as well as my at-home fitness routine. I also purchased another tanning package, so I was bronzed like a Greek Goddess.