Titleholder Tuesday: Miss Heart of New York

Titleholder Interviews


When Nina Davuluri became the second consecutive Miss New York to take home the Miss America crown, Claudette  Gomez was in the audience. Perhaps this inspired her to begin competing in the Miss America Organization, and start earning scholarships to help pay for her degree at Columbia Law School. Claudette believes that any girl can become Miss America, as long as she has a passion for uplifting her community. She knew that being a titleholder would not only help her become a leader and a stimulus for change in her community, but also grow as a person from the abundance of volunteer opportunities.

Though her last year of eligibility, Claudette tied for the award of the Ken Berry Overall Interview Award at Miss Empire Rose, and then was able to win the title of Miss Heart of New York at the last pageant of the season. The experiences she will gain as both a local titleholder and contestant at Miss New York will help her become a prominent leader in the community. She fully expects to be involved with a non-profit organization, possibly related to her platform of promoting literacy. She knows first hand that literacy and achieving dreams does not have to rely on a person’s economic status.