Miss NY International 2014

Community Pageantry

The time has come for Miss New York International, Danielle Trumbulll, to pass on the crown to a new young lady in our great state of New York. Six “Miss” contestants, as well as some Teen and Mrs contestants, have all come together at the Villa Roma Resort in Calicoon, New York.


Danielle Trumbull, Miss New York International 2013, with the 6 Miss contestants.


Phases Of Competition (As Posted on nypageants.com)

10329043_10204853581849794_1154413872426208514_nInterview: 40% (of overall score) for Teen and Miss competitors and 50% (of overall score) for Mrs. competitors. Interviews will be conducted between 5 judges and contestant. Each contestant will have 5 minutes with each judge.

Evening Gown: 20% (Teen and Miss Competitors) and 25% (Mrs.). Each contestant will wear her own personal choice of floor length evening gown. Each contestant will be judged on grace, poise and elegance in Evening Wear.

Fitness Wear: 20% (Teen and Miss)  25% (Mrs.) Each contestant will wear the official aerobic wear with white athletic shoes, and is judged on being physically fit, energetic, and healthy.

Fun Fashion Wear: 20%  (Teen and Miss) The Fun Fashion Wear portion of the competition is designed to provide each contestant an opportunity to express her own personal sense of style. Fun Fashion Wear attire should consist of something that you would wear on the red carpet or to a dressy celebration like a New Year’s Eve party.

The On-Stage portion will consist of a 30 platform statement followed by a platform related question with 30 seconds to complete and answer.



Miss New York International:  Elaina Estrada

Teen Miss New York International: Rachel Goldsmith

Mrs. New York International:  Marjorie Anglade-Vail


Miss New York International Pageant

Community Pageantry

This last Saturday, I was lucky enough to be able to attend the 2012 Teen, Miss, and Mrs New York International Pageant, held at the Villa Roma resort in Callicoon, New York. Even though it is not the MAO system that I compete in, I am still very happy that I was able to go watch, and support some pageant sisters. Watching it opened my eyes so some improvements I could make in my own pageant career, but also I was able to support THREE MAO sisters!

Originally I planned to go and support Amanda, who competed in Empire Rose last year. She has been working very hard this year as Miss Albany Int’l, promoting her platform of Stopping Assault on College Campuses. Although I personally cannot say I have been assaulted at college, and I am very grateful, I went to a college where rape and assault was a lot more common than it was reported. I watched countless freshmen over my time there engage in activities they hadn’t in high school, put themselves in dangerous situations, and older students take advantage. All in all, her platform is very, very important.

The day before the pageant, I found out that Jesse was competing as well. Although I have not competed with her, she was the reining Miss Western NY, in the MAO system, and competed at the Miss New York pageant a few times. She came and supported us at the Miss Thousand Islands Pageant, sporting a sockbun (my favorite quick up-do/easy curl-do). I was excited to have two MAO sisters to support.

But then… when Lauren and I arrived, we saw that Vicky was also competing! I don’t think I competed with her, maybe my first Miss Finger Lakes Pageant, but she volunteers with the Finger Lakes pageant and choreographs opening number and helps out a lot. She is the nicest person I have met.