Give Life: Encouraging First-Time & Develop Lifetime Blood Donors


I decided to change my platform this pageant season. Although diversity and discrimination is important to me, I am also incredibly passionate about donating blood. I feel like blood donation will be more easy to relate to the judges and the audience, and also there will be more direct results from my involvement. 

Every two seconds someone needs a blood transfusion in the United States of America. Whether it is from a tragic accident or a life threatening disease, these people require the blood from donors in order to survive. Unfortunately, due to a lack of blood donors, our blood supply is extremely low, putting hundreds of lives at risk. As a third generation blood donor, I feel extremely driven to encourage others to donate as well. We need to increase and maintain the supply in our nation’s blood bank. To do this we need to do two things: encourage first time donors and develop lifetime donors.


We Love New York: Miss New York 2012 Mallory Hagan

National Competitions

Participating in pageant has done amazing things in my life. Sure I haven’t won, just yet, but I have learned so much about being a role model, a member of the community, and being a strong, confident woman. I have secure with my body and my intelligence, and can only continue to grow.

As you know, having read my post about it, I watched the Miss New York Pageant last June with my pageant sister Chelsea. We were lucky enough to watch our friends compete, but also watch as Mallory Hagan was crowned. We had gone there rooting for our favorites, but Mallory deserved to win. Now, she is going to represent New York on the Miss America stage on January 12, 2013.

Miss New York is completely based around education. The organization wants to give women the scholarships and guidance they need to succeed, as well as promote community service, good morals, social justice, intelligence, and talent. Mallory is a great definition of all of these things. She is a talented dancer, she is involved with many organizations, has been a supporter of the Dove: “Love Yourself As You Are” Campaign, and is an advocate for the prevention of child sexual abuse. All in all, she is a great role model.