Miss Syracuse Triple Crown 2016

Local Competitions



The third annual Miss Syracuse Triple Crown pageant was held last weekend at the Mohegan Manor up in Baldwinsville, NY. The eligibility expanded this year to provide opportunity for more girls across the state to compete. All titleholders will be expected to attend a set minimum of events in the greater Syracuse region, as well as their hometowns.

Contestants competed in the standard phases of competition private interview, talent swimsuit, evening gown, and on-stage question, like always. But, exclusive to the Miss Syracuse Pageant and unseen at other pageants, the contestants participated in a “Show Them Your Shoes” walking-parade during the Opening Number, and invited visiting royalty to participate. Contestants were able to decorate a pair of shoes to represent their personality, and walked through the isles.

Miss Syracuse 2016 Preview and Predictions

Local Competitions

Next weekend is the third annual Miss Syracuse Triple Crown pageant. Eleven beautiful ladies will be competing for one of three crowns, and the chance to continue on and compete at Miss New York 2015. This is the potentially the largest pageant so far in the 2016 season, and it will be exciting to say the least. We already know, afterall, three is a magic number…

This year the eligibilities were extended to offer more opportunities to contestants who are not able to complete in more pageants. Each of the titles have a different regional eligibility, and come with a different set of responsibilities.  The contestant list is made up of three first time competitors, three former titleholders, and two 2016 runner ups (three if you count Lauren twice). The skill levels are diverse, the talents are diverse, and there is no clear “front runner”. It goes without saying that whoever is crowned will go on to make the state proud as representatives of the greater Syracuse region.


  1. Miss Syracuse
    • Erin St. Denis
    • Meghan Sinisi
      • Miss Liberty 2015, NF Talent
    • Erika Merkel
    • Alexandra Canavan
    • Amanda Abdagic
      • Miss Mohawk Valley 2013
    • Maja Bajic
  2. Miss Salt City and Miss Erie Canal
    • Meghan Cahill
      • Miss Altamont Fair 2015
    • Alia Bajorek
      • Runner up at Miss Bluebird
    • Heather Graves
  3. Erie Canal
    • Lauren Schwartzberg
      • Runner up at Miss Bluebird and Miss Queens
    • Taylor Burrows


Top: Any of these ladies could go home with a crown, and it would be no surprise if they make up 4/5 of the Top 5 positions. 

  • Meghan Sinisi, Amanda Abdagic, Alia Bajorek, Lauren Schwartzberg

Fringe: These ladies have shown potential, but the competition is strong. Depending on their day-of performance they very well make take a crown, and if not they have high likelihood to place or win side awards. 

  • Heather Graves, Meghan Cahill

As always, a different day, different judges. It is impossible to know who is going to win without knowing exactly what the judges are looking for and how the girls will perform. Strong girls have bad days, new girls can shine, and seasoned veterans are constantly improving. No matter which girls walk away as the newest members of the Miss New York Class of 2016, it’s because they put their heart on the stage and earned it.

Miss Syracuse 2015

Local Competitions

B2B0RwzIQAAU5owThe second annual Miss Syracuse Triple Crown took place at the Palace Theater on Sunday, November 9th. Tickets were $10 in advance, $12 at the door.

It  began with an opening number routine to Christina Aguilera’s Stronger featuring Nina Zesky, Miss Salt City 2014. Immediately following, each contestant had a few moments to brief the audience on their platform, and then answer an onstage question.  Topics included ebola, the glass ceiling, death with dignity, the legacy as a titleholder, personal rebranding, school suspension policies, the relevance of the Miss America Organization, and the importance of community service. There were also questions on New York’s recent political election, influential women, female objectification, and of course a few questions about Syracuse.


Miss Syracuse Triple Crown 2014

Local Competitions

This year marked the first year in over a decade that a Miss Syracuse pageant was held here in New York. After Nina Davuluri, our current Miss America, won the state sweeper and claimed the title “Miss Syracuse”, she jumped straight to work forming networks with the community. After winning both Miss New York and then Miss America, it became clear that New York needed to bring back the local title that had now produced two Miss Americas, as well as nearly a dozen Miss New Yorks.

As an exciting bonus for Upstate Girls across the state, the newly developed Miss Syracuse Organization was able to gather enough sponsors and scholarship money to crown three Miss titleholders, an Outstanding Teen, award a plethora of non-finalist gifts, and give every contestant a gift bag of prizes.