Miss Fulton County 2014

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The Miss Fulton County is a historic pageant, with a rich history. Their eligibility is limited only to residents of Fulton County, but who better to represent the area than girls who actually live there? I had not asked for the day off from work, so didn’t plan on attending. But at the very last minute I decided to attend the Miss Fulton County 2014 pageant. I left work just after 6pm, jumped on the Thruway and sped to Gloversville High School to see 7 ladies, none of whom have won an official preliminary before, compete for the crown.

Miss Fulton County 2013


20130203-153234.jpgLast night I had the extreme pleasure of begin able to attend the Miss Fulton County pageant, located at Gloversville Middle School. It is always beneficial to watch pageants, even if you are not competing Not only only do you see first hand what it is like to be in the audience’s position, but you are able to pick up tricks and tips from the other contestants, and see who wins and will potentially be your competitor if you also move on to compete at State. Plus, above all else, it is great to support your pageant sisters as they compete for the crown. You want people supporting you, so it is always nice to return the favor!

I went with Lauren and my mom, and the Albany girls (Chelsea, Amanda, Adrienne and Anneliese) all drove out as well. We had bought tickets ahead of time, as sometimes they sell out, and were able to get a good place in line. We let the other girls cut in line with us, instead of going 5 miles out the door.


Not only did one very beautiful and talented lady gain entry to the Miss New York pageant, but nearly $8,000 was awarded in scholarship money. I think that’s one of my favorite parts about competing in pageants. The prizes go directly to the secondary education of the winners and runner ups.