Flashback Friday 8/29

Titleholder Events

Saturday, 8/23

  • Nina, Miss Salt City attended the Fallen Officers Ceremony at the NYS Fair in Syracuse.
  • Lauren, Miss Mohawk Valley, attended Citgo’s #FuelingGood event in Kingston.
  • Allison, Miss Thousand Islands 2015, attended the River Rat Triathlon
  • Jillian, Miss Southern Tier; Christina, Miss Cosmopolitan; Jamie Lynn, Miss Staten Island attended the Brooklyn Cyclones’ Princess Night Game.

Sunday, 8/24

  • Stephanie, Miss Richmond County; Jillian, Miss Southern Tier; Jamie Lynn, Miss Staten Island; Christina, Miss Cosmopolitan; Katelynn, Miss Central NY 2015; and Claudette, Miss Heart of NY attended Kira’s Miss New York Send-Off Party

Flashback Friday 6/20

Titleholder Events

*The 2014 local titleholders have been very busy this week, promoting their personal platform and serving the local communities. Hours of dedication go into being a titleholder and representing the region, both before and after the State Pageant. This is not an extensive list of every titleholder’s journey, but rather a peek into their very active reigns. Some events may have been missed or omitted. Please follow each titleholder’s individual journey on their personal blog or fan page. Highlights of the great work done by Local Titleholders this week.

Titleholder Tuesday*: Miss Mohawk Valley

Titleholder Interviews


The fact of the matter is, if you were to ask every girl in upstate NY who has ever competed in a Miss NY local why they competed, a large percentage of the answers would have the word “Sheridan” in it. Actually, even those who didn’t catch “the bug” from one of the three Sheridan girls have probably borrowed a dress from them, or a swim suit, or an interview suit. They are locally famous for their pageant closet. Lauren Crandall, Miss Mohawk Valley 2014, is no exception. Actually, she not only began competing because of Kieren Sheridan, but won her first title with a borrowed wardrobe as well! This white gown has been now worn and won in by four titleholders. If anyone needs a little extra something for their next pageant, see if you can borrow it from Kieren. Just kidding. (But really)

Miss Mohawk Valley 2013

Local Competitions

Seventeen ladies competed at the Miss Mohawk Valley last night, and seventeen girls went home winners; with or without the crown.

Rehearsal provided us with a sneak peak of the show. There, the contestants and two past titleholders, filmed a Harlem Shake video to be played at the pageant. I had previously not been interested in anything to do with this trend, as I try to stay away from them. I’ve actually never seen a video, and therefore I still have no idea what it was. I basically sat on the stage floor while a guy with a bunny head danced with Courtney. Hopefully, when I receive my dvd, I will watch the video and maybe things will make more sense. But I doubt it.

Pageant day started early, and went well into the next day.