Miss CNY/Pride of New York/Metropolitan 2016

Local Competitions


Like a phoenix rising from the ashes following the dissolution of the Miss Central New York pageant, out came the newest Miss New York preliminary triple crown. Originally limited to 12 contestants and offering a new Miss CNY and inaugural Miss Pride of New York titles, the Miss Metropolitan title was added shortly after increasing the contestant cap to 24. These titles would be open to anyone across the state who is eligible by age and state residency, and who would be willing to attend events in the Syracuse region.

Unlike the other two, however, the Miss Pride of New York title has a unique requirement. As well as the above eligibility requirements, a contestant must be willing to showcase the matter of diversity and pride in New York State- we are after all the melting pot of America. Miss Pride of New York must be willing to promote diversity of New Yorkers, such as the Native American cultures, the LGBTQ community. She is also a state ambassador for travel and tourism, and should be able to support and encourage tourism across the entire state, from Niagara Falls across the Finger Lakes, up into the Adirondacks, and through the capital region and Hudson Valley, down to the City of Lights.