Flashback Friday 8/29

Titleholder Events

Saturday, 8/23

  • Nina, Miss Salt City attended the Fallen Officers Ceremony at the NYS Fair in Syracuse.
  • Lauren, Miss Mohawk Valley, attended Citgo’s #FuelingGood event in Kingston.
  • Allison, Miss Thousand Islands 2015, attended the River Rat Triathlon
  • Jillian, Miss Southern Tier; Christina, Miss Cosmopolitan; Jamie Lynn, Miss Staten Island attended the Brooklyn Cyclones’ Princess Night Game.

Sunday, 8/24

  • Stephanie, Miss Richmond County; Jillian, Miss Southern Tier; Jamie Lynn, Miss Staten Island; Christina, Miss Cosmopolitan; Katelynn, Miss Central NY 2015; and Claudette, Miss Heart of NY attended Kira’s Miss New York Send-Off Party

Cortland Crown City Sweeper

Local Competitions

Eighteen Girls. Over 60 applicants in just over an hour, and only 18 made the cut.I made that cut, and had one last chance to live out my dream as the heart of the Miss America Organization. 


Saturday morning, just after the sun rose, Jon and I made our way down through the Finger Lakes region into the Southern Tier. We made it to the first venue just before 2pm, and I somehow managed to put a full face of makeup on while sitting in the parking lot. We relocated to the second venue just before 3pm, and hurried to get through announcements while preparing for interview. Unfortunately, despite putting on my makeup in the parkinglot, being second in the lineup gave me very little time to be fully prepared. While I gave it my all, and I am very pleased with most of my answers, I do not feel I was physcally as prepared as i would have liked. I left them thinking about me, that’s for sure. I went to go out the door I came in and one of the judges told me, “The other door, Katherine.” So I stopped in my tracks, turned around, and said, “I don’t follow the rules,” and flashing a big smile before leaving the proper door.

Then we were free to go. Before I left, I let Ashley try on a few of my spare gowns to use for talent. Since she is all legs (she makes me look short), many of them were too short. Luckily, a brand new black Jovani with white lace fit perfectly, and still touched the ground when she wore heels.

Then it was off to the hotel! The Comfort Inn was our host hotel, and quite a few of the contestants stayed there. My favorite memory was when Cassie’s mom decided to deadbolt the door and then take a shower, locking Cassie in the hall. All I could hear was her thick Staten Island accent shouting down the hall.