Titleholder Tuesday*: Miss Cosmopolitan

Titleholder Interviews

Young ladies generally have seven years to compete for the title of Miss New York. There are seven years to secure a local title and vie for the Miss New York title. This is only Christina Moore’s fourth time at the state pageant, but she’s ready to take it to Miss America.

In 2011, Christina competed in Miss New York as Miss Brooklyn. She came back in 2012 as Miss Verrazano, when Mallory Hagan took the crown. She flew out to Las Vegas and watched Mallory take the national crown. Last year, she shared the stage with Nina Davuluri as Miss King’s County, and drove down to Atlantic City to see Nina take the national crown. So, next weekend she will be joining her pageant sisters as Miss Cosmopolitan, and hopefully they will be making the trip down to support her as Miss New York.