Titleholder Tuesday: Miss NY American Nation

Titleholder Interviews

10313481_662009957201847_8286855698096092692_nAmanda Daley;
Miss New York American Nation

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This weekend is pageant weekend. Miss Central New York, Miss America’s Outstanding Teen… But for Amanda Daley, it is neither of these pageants. As Miss New York American Nation, she will be in Cromwell, Connecticut vying for the 2015 national title, Miss American Nation. Amanda will be joining 15 other girls in pursuit of the Miss American Nation crown, as well as girls in other age groups competing for a national title.

Titleholder Tuesday: Miss NY’s Outstanding Teen

Titleholder Interviews

flower citr

Cady Ruth Stoever;

Miss New York’s Outstanding Teen

Local Title: Flower City
Hometown: Rush, New York
Platform: Growth Through Literacy
Talent: Violin
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Cady Ruth served and competed as Miss Flower City’s Outstanding Teen both in 2013 and 2014. She came across the Miss America’s Outstanding Teen system after competing in and gaining valuable pageant experience various other pageant systems.  She has used these experiences to not only build her self confidence, but as an outlet to promote her passion for literacy and her talent, violin.

During her years as both Flower City’s Outstanding Teen, and now as Miss New York’s Outstanding Teen, Cady Ruth promotes the importance of reading, and hopes to share the great stories hidden within the pages of a good book. Growth Through Literacy is an opportunity to share her passion for reading with others not only by reading to youth and elderly, but by holding book drives and donating to those who may need a good book.



She also serves her community by partnering with civic organizations such as the National Parkinson’s Foundation, La Leche League, and Relay for Life.

During the Miss New York pageant, and at Miss America’s Outstanding Teen pageant, Cady Ruth plays the violin during the talent competition. She has been playing for most of her life, and competes across the state. Also a huge honor, Cady has performed with the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra.

Is a Cup Competetive at Miss America?

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Miss America is the largest pageant system with a talent portion. This section is scored 35%, which actually makes it, according to the numbers at least, the most important category of the competition. It’s no wonder that many of our Miss America past winners, as well as countless state and local titleholders, have danced in ballet companies, performed on Broadway, or put out albums. The Miss America system is full of talented ladies.


Miss NY 2013

So what happens when a contestant transfers to MAO from a system without a talent portion. She has the stage presence, poise, and beauty. She’s smart, active in the community, and can depend her viewpoints in her interview. But this future Miss America wanna be has not been singing since before she ould speak or dancing since she learned to walk. Sure, she can do a little of both, but she may not have what it takes to stand out against classically trained girls.

This is similar to the case of Kira Kazantsev, Miss New York 2014. Kira has a beautiful voice. She’s fit and healthy, incredible intelligent, and has a great marketing mind. But the talent section is not what drew her to MAO.

Teeth Whitening

Pageant Prep

2012-08-20-22_00_19You’re sitting in the audience watching as a girl steps on the stage. She flashes a smile and the audience goes blind by her perfectly white teeth. Man, she must have paid a fortune for teeth whitening procedures, crosses your mind. Maybe she did. But a brilliant smile can be developed right at home, using the same whitening tools that we’ve known about for a hundred years: baking soda and peroxide.

Modern Toothpaste

Modern toothpaste tricks the consumer. “Whitening” tooth paste contain little pieces of sand or sometimes even little balls of plastic, that scrape away at stains on the enamel. Get rid of the stain, and there is a white tooth underneath! Some of them contain hydrogen peroxide, which bleach the teeth as well. So after it scrapes away the top layer, it stains the second. I’d rather just… not do either of these.

The Cure:

  • An apple a day…
  • Cavity prevention toothpaste with flouride
  • Baking Soda & Peroxide 2:1 solution
  • Mouth Guard or whitening tray

The Science

An apple is not only good for you, but will naturally scrape across your teeth as you eat it. This will gently scrape away at tartar and stains.

Teeth are made of pores. Pores are microscopic holes. Although we can’t see them, if we did they would actually be cavities, they are there. These pores give the illusion of a grey tooth.  The smaller they are, the smoother surface our teeth will be. The use of anti-cavity toothpaste with fluoride helps to tighten these pores, and as a result give the illusion of a whiter tooth. This being said, modern whitening toothpastes should be avoided, as they actually tear open the pore and can make the teeth appear more grey.

Baking soda is a mild abrasive that will scrape away much more gentle than sand or plastic balls. Additionally, the reaction with the peroxide allows it to get into small crevices and pull the tartar away from the teeth and gums.

Whitening Schedule

  • 3x each week:
    • After brushing your teeth normally with anti-cavity toothpaste, use a mouthguard or whitening tray with a Baking Soda and peroxide 1:2 solution. Allow mixture to sit for 5-20 minutes. (Begin at 20, and decrease length as desired shade is reached)
  • 2x each week:
    • Instead of the anti-cavity toothpaste, use the baking soda and peroxide solution as toothpaste.
  • 2x each week:
    • Brush your teeth normally with anti-cavity toothpaste. Don’t forget to floss before you brush!

Once your teeth are at a good color, drop whitening process to once each week, to maintain.

Stain Prevention

Also, Whitening will help reverse staining, but the best way to have white teeth is to prevent staning! Two of the main causes of stains are

  1. Smoking
    • If you need help quitting, check out SmokeFree.
  2. Coffee
    • When drinking coffee, use a straw and don’t sqwish it in your mouth.






New York’s Sweetheart ’14

National Competitions

10374977_452366098200014_38253523004375629_nYesterday, Jamie Lynn Macchia, Miss Staten Island and 2nd Runner Up officially announced that she will be representing New York in the annual America’s Sweetheart pageant. She will be joined by State Finalists from across the country, including Alexandra Curtis; former Miss Upstate NY, current Miss East Greenwich, and 1st Runner Up at Miss Rhode Island.

The National Sweetheart pageant, first held in 1939, originally crowned the Sweetcorn Queen at the annual Hoopseton Sweetcorn Festival in Hoopseton Illinois. Through the years, as states began sending representatives, the festival and title changed names until finally settling on the National Sweetheart title.