Miss New York’s Outstanding Teen 2015

State Competitions

The Miss New York’s Outstanding Teen programs started in 2005, as a stepping stone to Miss America. The teens would use this opportunity as a chance to grow and learn before becoming eligible for Miss New York and Miss America. Since 2005, New York has sent 10 empire state representative to the Miss America’s Outstanding Teen pageant, and returned with a national titleholder, a preliminary talent award, and a Miss Congeniality award. Hopefully, with New York shining in the Miss America department, 2015 will be the year New York takes back the Miss America’s Outstanding Teen title.

This year, the teen pageant was moved upstate to Saratoga Springs, where it would be held in conjunction with the Miss New York workshop. A nice change of scenery from the sky scrapers and hustle and bustle of the City, Saratoga is a historic village with boutique shops, antique buildings, and the occasional life-sized porcelain horse on the side of the road.

While the Miss titleholders were in Albany making appearances, the Teen titleholders were busy learning production numbers, practicing choreography, and preparing for the big night. There were 25 terrific teenagers vying for the crown, but only one would go home with the crown.

Miss Thousand Islands Outstanding Teen 2015

Local Competitions

Welcome to the Golden Sisterhood!


Photo Credit: Shelby Cohen

After representing the Thousand Islands region beautifully, both as a Star Princess and Outstanding Teen, Joelle Leek, Miss Thousand Islands’ Outstanding Teen 2014 crowned her successors this weekend.

Thanks to the support of local community members, the Miss Thousand Islands Organization was able to crown not only Miss Thousand Islands’ Outstanding Teen, but Miss Northern NY’s Outstanding Teen as well. No doubt, they will represent the region with pride during their year, and at Miss New York’s Outstanding Teen.

Cady Ruth Stoever, Miss New York’s Outstanding Teen 2014, attended the pageant and assisted Joelle in the crowning ceremony.

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Photo Credit: Shelby Cohen


2015 Thousand Island Titleholders

Congratulations Taylin Fulmer, Miss Thousand Islands Outstanding Teen 2015 and Miss Northern New York’s Outstanding Teen. Brianna Lockwood!


Titleholder Tuesday: Miss NY’s Outstanding Teen

Titleholder Interviews

flower citr

Cady Ruth Stoever;

Miss New York’s Outstanding Teen

Local Title: Flower City
Hometown: Rush, New York
Platform: Growth Through Literacy
Talent: Violin
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Cady Ruth served and competed as Miss Flower City’s Outstanding Teen both in 2013 and 2014. She came across the Miss America’s Outstanding Teen system after competing in and gaining valuable pageant experience various other pageant systems.  She has used these experiences to not only build her self confidence, but as an outlet to promote her passion for literacy and her talent, violin.

During her years as both Flower City’s Outstanding Teen, and now as Miss New York’s Outstanding Teen, Cady Ruth promotes the importance of reading, and hopes to share the great stories hidden within the pages of a good book. Growth Through Literacy is an opportunity to share her passion for reading with others not only by reading to youth and elderly, but by holding book drives and donating to those who may need a good book.



She also serves her community by partnering with civic organizations such as the National Parkinson’s Foundation, La Leche League, and Relay for Life.

During the Miss New York pageant, and at Miss America’s Outstanding Teen pageant, Cady Ruth plays the violin during the talent competition. She has been playing for most of her life, and competes across the state. Also a huge honor, Cady has performed with the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra.

Miss NY’s Outstanding Teen 2014

State Competitions

Fifteen girls from across New York came down to Staten Island to represent their hometowns and compete for the chance to represent their state in Orlando, Florida at the Miss America’s Outstanding Teen Competition this summer.

The young ladies competed in a private interview, as well as rocked the stage in lifestyle and fitness, talent, and evening gown with on stage question. 

Miss America’s Homecoming

National Competitions

Two months ago, Nina Davuluri was crowned Miss America in Atlantic City, New Jersey. I watched as the girl I’ve competed with, had lunch with, discussed platforms with, and judged a local pageant with was crowned Miss America. It was fricken amazing, and I’m still in shock. New York won twice. Upstate New York. First Bollywood Talent. First Indian descent. It was just truly unbelievable.

Two Miss Americas in a row seems like a great reason to Party. So in line with Miss America tradition, after beginning her reign as Miss America, she would return to where it all began.

After a quick evening in New York City to jump start the Homecoming celebration, Nina and her gang flew (or drove) upstate to the place where it all began: Syracuse. Here, the real celebration began. I of course wanted to be involved and chose two of the events to attend: the autograph signing and the breakfast.