Miss Staten Island 2016

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The fiftieth annual Miss Staten Island pageant was held last weekend down on Staten Island, New York.  Both titleholders will be expected to represent the borough throughout their year of service and while at the state pageant on Memorial Weekend.

Miss Syracuse Triple Crown 2016

Local Competitions



The third annual Miss Syracuse Triple Crown pageant was held last weekend at the Mohegan Manor up in Baldwinsville, NY. The eligibility expanded this year to provide opportunity for more girls across the state to compete. All titleholders will be expected to attend a set minimum of events in the greater Syracuse region, as well as their hometowns.

Contestants competed in the standard phases of competition private interview, talent swimsuit, evening gown, and on-stage question, like always. But, exclusive to the Miss Syracuse Pageant and unseen at other pageants, the contestants participated in a “Show Them Your Shoes” walking-parade during the Opening Number, and invited visiting royalty to participate. Contestants were able to decorate a pair of shoes to represent their personality, and walked through the isles.

How to Fix Bad Branding

Pageant Prep

Being a titleholder comes with many responsibilities, but perhaps the most important is maintaining your presence with a strong brand as a public figure. Public figures can easily fade into the background unless they are actively marketing themselves to the community and taking hold of their personal brand. It’s easy to fall into some bad branding habits that could seriously impact your ability to connect with appearances, gain sponsors, and potentially impact your interview strength. But, it’s even easier to fix these three mistakes!

  1. Phantom Pages
    • Bad Branding: Last year you were Miss Local County, and had a Facebook page to share pictures and updates. This year you are Miss Regional. You make a new page, but instead of naming it after your new title you name it after your name. 2 points! But what happens to your Miss Local County Page? It fades away but never goes away. It is social media litter.
    • How to Fix It: First, recruit your followers to your new page. Make a post on the old page, and tag the new one. Another great tip is to change your old page’s default picture or cover photo to a graphic that has the name of your new page. Finally, invite your friends to like and share your page. If possible, share your page to your pageant’s local org page or group.
    • Delete your Phantom Pages:Screen Shot 2015-10-13 at 9.03.39 PM
  2. Miscellaneous Pictures
    • Bad Branding: Every weekend you are at an event. You are constantly serving the community, visiting schools, and speaking with politicians. And you never forget to take a picture to document the occasion. But when you post it on Facebook, every picture winds up in the Timeline Pictures album. This makes it impossible to sort out photos based on the event. The community may not know what the picture is from, or the event hosts may not be able to find the photos as easily to use on their marketing tools. The pictures are no better than they’d be in a box in the closet.
    • How to Fix it: Go into your page’s “timeline photos” or “mobile uploads”. One by one, open a photo and assign it to a designated album.
    • Moving Pictures into Albums:Screen Shot 2015-10-13 at 9.16.11 PM
  3. Inconsistent Handles
    • Bad Branding:
    • How To Fix It: Changing your Twitter and Instagram handles is incredibly easy. Choose a handle that you want to use for all of your accounts. Before changing one account, check the availability on all sources.
    • Changing Your Twitter Handle: Screen Shot 2015-10-19 at 10.43.08 PM

Having a flawless personal brand isn’t easy, but fixing these three mistakes will improve it by leaps and bounds. The importance of a strong social media presence is often the tipping point in the interview room, can impact your stage presence, and ensures you are fulfilling the job you were hired for.

Miss CNY/Pride of New York/Metropolitan 2016

Local Competitions


Like a phoenix rising from the ashes following the dissolution of the Miss Central New York pageant, out came the newest Miss New York preliminary triple crown. Originally limited to 12 contestants and offering a new Miss CNY and inaugural Miss Pride of New York titles, the Miss Metropolitan title was added shortly after increasing the contestant cap to 24. These titles would be open to anyone across the state who is eligible by age and state residency, and who would be willing to attend events in the Syracuse region.

Unlike the other two, however, the Miss Pride of New York title has a unique requirement. As well as the above eligibility requirements, a contestant must be willing to showcase the matter of diversity and pride in New York State- we are after all the melting pot of America. Miss Pride of New York must be willing to promote diversity of New Yorkers, such as the Native American cultures, the LGBTQ community. She is also a state ambassador for travel and tourism, and should be able to support and encourage tourism across the entire state, from Niagara Falls across the Finger Lakes, up into the Adirondacks, and through the capital region and Hudson Valley, down to the City of Lights.

Curing the Pageant Hangover

Pageant Lifestyle

After every pageant comes the inevitable pageant hangover, where your mind turns to mush, your bed is your boyfriend, and your belly opens like a bottomless pit. Instead of binging on Netflix, clear your mind and get your life back on track. Remember the ultimate goal, and say goodbye to the brain mush.


  1. Clear Your Mind. Win or lose, you aren’t doing yourself any favors sitting for hours scrolling through pictures, messaging your pageant sisters “Remember when …”, or spamming your followers on Instagram. Let the good vibes stay, but focus on today, and planning for tomorrow. Whether it is work or school, the quickest way back on track is by stepping foot on the road.
  2. Technology Detox. If you find it hard to avoid Instagram or Facebook photos, do yourself a favor and avoid technology all together. Dedicate a certain amount of time each day to your laptop or iPad, and spend the rest of your day being productive. Out of sight, out of mind!
  3. Take Time to Reflect. You certainly don’t want to ignore the pageant experience, but instead should use it as a learning experience. Spend a few minutes each day to meditate on your strengths, think about what went right. What (and who) are you grateful for? Reflect on a positive mind, then push forward and apply this positivity to your life.