2020 Local Runners Up

Local Competitions

The Pageant File’s original vision was always to highlight the contestants and local titleholders who don’t advance to Miss America. After all, there is only one Miss America! Local titleholders are the heart of the Organization, and we rely on you to keep the heart beating. These lovely ladies competed for a local title and may not have walked away with the crown, but are still making an impact in their respective communities.

This list will be updated as more information is released.

2014 Runners Up Recap

Local Competitions

Placing at a pageant is great; you came and did your best, and get to walk away with scholarship money. You may have learned what you need to do better for next time. None the less, you more than likely will compete again, with hopes of having your name called last.

In 2014, 8 girls who placed in various local pageants refused to give up, and went on to win a local title. Perhaps the most enduring was Sarah Hreyo, Miss Empire Star, who placed in four local pageants before taking home the crown at her 5th and final pageant.

But alas, a list of the Top Five placements of each of the 2014 Local Pageants. Runners Up who went on who win a local title are noted.