6th Annual Miss Central New York

Community Pageantry

As summer approaches, high school seniors are finally breaking free from grade school and preparing to spend their last summer home before their new life as an undergraduate college student. Many students, or at least their parents, find this to be a stressful time on the financial front. Mia Adams McSherry, Syracuse resident, knew how expensive college is, and wanted to provide a unique opportunity for seniors in the greater Syracuse region. What resulted was the Miss Central New York Scholarship Pageant. Although not an official preliminary to Miss New York, this pageant follows many of the same standards and morals, while providing scholarships for the young ladies who compete.

The 6th annual Miss Central New York Scholarship Pageant invited senior girls from a handful of high schools from across the central New York region to participate in a month long process with contestant orientation and workshops, dress rehearsals, and the pageant, including three phases of competition. The pageant was held in the historic Palace Theater in Eastwood, and was filled to the brim with the proud families of the girls. The stage, laden with flowers, boasted a balloon backdrop shaped like a crown.