Flashback Friday 6/20

Titleholder Events

*The 2014 local titleholders have been very busy this week, promoting their personal platform and serving the local communities. Hours of dedication go into being a titleholder and representing the region, both before and after the State Pageant. This is not an extensive list of every titleholder’s journey, but rather a peek into their very active reigns. Some events may have been missed or omitted. Please follow each titleholder’s individual journey on their personal blog or fan page. Highlights of the great work done by Local Titleholders this week.

Titleholder Tuesday: Miss Syracuse

Titleholder Interviews

Some girls start competing in pageants from the time they’re children or teenagers, or use it as a natural transition from dance or theater. But this was not the case for Adrienne. Actually, she competed in her first pageant simply to check it off her bucket-list. But the contestants went out of their way to make her feel welcome, and the experience was positive in the fact that it motivated her to stick with it and continue to compete. Endurance is worth it, as she is now Miss Syracuse 2014.


Little Miss Colonial Pageant

Community Pageantry

The first annual Little Miss Colonial Pageant was planned and executed by Danielle Trumbull, Miss New York International right in my home community. It served not only as not only a fundraiser for her trip to Miss International (held in Jacksonville, Florida) but to benefit the James Brennan Animal Memorial Humane Society. She asked me to help out, and of course I agreed. I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to help out a friend, serve the area where I grew up, and help out with local future Miss Americas. I love my Salt City Royalty girls, but Syracuse watch out; Fulton County has some beautiful young ladies entering the pageant scene.

Girls from across the region came out to compete for four titles, there’s four age groups, with the Teen Colonial given the opportunity to compete at-large at the Miss New York’s Outstanding Teen competition in Staten Island. Lauren (Miss Mohawk Valley) and Madison (Miss Upstate New York) both came out to help volunteer at the event, and Adrienne (Miss Syracuse) drove all the way up from Albany to support her Sisters! There was also appearances by Morgan (Miss Fonda Fair), Arlena (Salt City’s Princess), Amanda (Syracuse’s Outstanding Teen), and Katie (Upstate’s Princess). Pageants are definitely a family.


The day before the pageant, Lauren spoke with the 4-6 year old girls, to help them prepare for the big day. She really gets along with children, and they loved her! They discussed their favorite colors, Disney Princesses, and teachers. Lauren even taught them some Swahili; not that they’ll ever remember. The moms were also soaking it up. They probably had never heard their daughters so captivated before.


Lauren (Miss MV), Julia (Princess), Kimberlee (Little Miss) , Julia (Junior), Adeline (Teen), Adrienne (Miss Syr)

As per my usual role, I tabulated the scores. Instead of sitting in the audience, I totaled up 5 judges worth of scores across 3-5 categories for 4 age divisions with 3 phases of competition. I couldn’t have done it without the help of two very helpful volunteers, who also happened to be the mom and aunt of the pageant planner.  Teens participated in a private interview in the morning, and had an option to compete for a talent award. The other three age groups had an onstage portion with a question only. Regardless, there was a lot of math and a lot of prizes to award.  There were division queens, photogenic awards, talent awards, and awards for bringing donation items. I even sponsored a Shining Star Award; given to the girl who showed dedication and promising potential, and earned the most points overall, without winning her age division.

It was amazing. Although there were a few very minor bumps (I forgot to print enough score sheets, the crowns were camouflaged on the table, the OSQs were printed up), it ran incredibly smooth. It will be an annual event, with proceeds to benefit just the shelter from now on. I hope to be involved each year.


Pageantry is a sisterhood.
Danielle & Madison (Formers; Empire Star & Empire Star’s OT)




Note: Some of these photos are thanks to Fulton County & Beyond, so please check them out to stay updated on other events in the area.