Titleholder Branding- Strengthening Social Media

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Sally Smith and Samantha Doe are two current (hypothetical) local titleholders competing for a state title. Both of these titleholders are active in their use of social media, but neither have very strong titleholder branding. Although fancy “branding” with personal fonts and a custom color scheme and logo are not necessary, it is important for titleholders to strengthen their use of social media as they transition from social use and public figure use.

Lets explore…

Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS

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Social media sites have been flooding with videos of people dumping buckets of ice water on their heads, and challenging their friends to do the same. But the Ice Bucket Challenge is more than viral videos, it is about making a change, and bringing an invisible disease to center stage.

Although many of the videos were not effective in actually making a difference, many were. Individuals were challenged to donate $100 to the ALS Association, or donate $10 and dump a bucket of ice water over their head. Many challengers dumped the water with no donation. Some made a donation without dumping the water. And a few challengers did both!

Once celebrities, civic organizations, and politicians began being nominated the donations really started to flow. (Don’t you love all these puns?). Some celebrities donated 100 thousand dollars. In 30 days (July 29-August 29) the ALS Association received over $100,000,000,000; yes, over 100 million dollars. That is more than the organization received in donations during the entire year of 2013. Incredible.

Some titleholders also received the challenge! A few of the Miss New York Class of 2014 were nominated prior, but when Jillian, Miss Southern Tier, received her nomination, she sent it to the entire Class. Many obliged and donated!

Flashback Friday 8/22

Titleholder Events

Friday 8/15

  • Claudette, Miss Heart of New York, judged the National American Miss NY pageant

10615549_950101098349256_4787766503799903497_nSaturday 8/16

  • Lauren, Miss Mohawk Valley, attended Boonville’s Woodsmen Days Parade and Festival
  • Emily, Miss Fulton County, attended Bannertown Fair & Parade
  • Adrienne, Miss Syracuse, attended the Altamont County Fair.
  • Cady Ruth, Miss New York’s Outstanding Teen, attended Sketchers’ Teen Glam event.

Sunday 8/17:

  • Lauren, Miss Mohawk Valley, judged the Herkimer County Fair’s 33rd annual Bug Country Showdown.

Monday 8/1810629645_10202366464471575_3198625997175924846_n

  • Cady Ruth, Miss New York’s Outstanding Teen, attended National American Miss NY pageant.

Wednesday 8/20

  • Desiree, Miss Finger Lakes, attended Buffalo Bisons game to support Citgo’s #FuelingGood campaign.

10410913_790654214291430_4343272490857295114_nThursday 8/21

Stephanie, Miss Richmond County, attended Citgo event

Flashback Friday 8/8

Titleholder Events

*The 2014 local titleholders have been very busy this month, recollecting themselves from the Miss NY experience, getting ready to go back to school and still promoting their personal platform and serving the local communities. Hours of dedication go into being a titleholder and representing the region, both before and after the State Pageant. This is not an extensive list of every titleholder’s journey, but rather a peek into their very active reigns. Some events may have been missed or omitted. Please follow each titleholder’s individual journey on their personal blog or fan page. Highlights of the great work done by Local Titleholders this week.