TPF Team

PageantFile Team:

The PageantFile is a community effort of current and former contestants in the Miss NY (MAO) circuit, community pageants, and national systems that feed into MAO, like NAM and UNM. Without the strength of a contribution team, the Pageant File would not be able to provide the in-depth and accurate articles in a timely manner at the quality our viewers expect. Time and time again, viewers have thanked various TPF team members for their great work at highlighting the local contestants and titleholders, while preserving New York’s history and providing valuable feedback, tips, and advice.

♕Contributing Authors are able to write about any New York related pageant experience, whether it is reviewing a pageant they attended, competed in, or judged or Tips and Tricks for pageant preparations. There are currently 5 reoccurring authors sharing their pageant experiences with TPF community, but there is always room for a “guest author”!

♕Drop-In Contributors don’t write articles, but provide much needed information pertaining to upcoming articles, series, or website updates. There is currently a Drop-In Contributor proving information for NYOT titleholders, National titleholders, former local and state titleholders, and current pageants. This is where we receive many of the pictures used!

♕Editors: There are currently two editors who revise all blog and social media posts, not only to check for spelling and grammar, but to double check facts.

♕Live Tweets: There are currently three individuals with access to @PageantFile Twitter, for updating the Twitterverse of NY Pageant realm. Anyone who is attending a local pageant is invited to Live Tweet for The Pageant File, and will receive a basic template for tweeting according to TPF standards.

♕CIS Manager: The less glamorous backside to the PageantFile website only has one team member right now. Their responsibilities includes graphic design, theme and layout, coding, SEO and ping-backs.

Thank you to the many contributors who send ideas, articles, and pictures after pageants and events!


Want to join the PageantFile team?

We are always looking for pageant enthusiasts to interview titleholders, live tweet at pageants, and write creative articles and review. Let us know and we’ll be happy to have you join us!

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